How To Record TV Shows Using a Digital Conversion Box

Television broadcasting in the United States had switched to digital television since February 17, 2009. It created some confusion because those with analog televisions were not able to watch their favorite programs. The switch moved television signals to another part of the radio spectrum to provide more broadcast space for fire, police and other public safety communication channels. The rest will be used up by wireless services.

The switch negates the use of television antennas to receive broadcast signals. Consumers now need a digital conversion box to receive digital television transmissions and convert them to analog television signal. The digital conversion box now becomes the TV receiver. And to record programs, you need this device and these instructions.

  1. The digital conversion box is only capable of recording one program that passes through it. You can still watch your favorite program and record it at the same time. Or you can set it up to record the program even if the television is turned off and record a future program with the proper settings.
  2. To set up the television set, the VCR and the digital conversion box, unplug your TV set and the VCR from the power source. Pull out the existing coaxial antenna wire that is plugged to the VCR’s Antenna In port.
  3. Plug this existing coaxial antenna wire into the Antenna In port found at the back of the digital converter box.
  4. Get the coaxial wire that is included with the digital converter box. Connect one end to the Out to TV port at the back of the converter box and attach the other end to the Antenna In port located at the back of the VCR.
  5. Once you have made the proper cable connections, plug the power cords of the TV, VCR and the digital converted box to the electrical outlet and turn them on. The TV should be set to display video from the VCR using channel 3 or 4. Navigate the converter set up guide to find digital television programs using the remote control that comes with the converter box.
  6. Set your VCR to channel 3 and program it for the start and stop times as usual. Tune in to the desired channel where the program you want to record will be shown through the converter box and you can either watch it at the same time as you are recording it or set it so that the program can still be recorded even if your television is turned off.
  7. If you do not want to watch or the program is set for another time and you will not be available to watch it, you can keep your television off but not the converter box. Check if your digital converter box has a sleep function. If it does, make sure that the function is turned off.

You now can enjoy enhanced television broadcasts with the use of a digital conversion box. Setting up a DVD recorder or a DVR is almost as easy as setting up the VCR for recording.


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