How To Remove a Scratch from a Flat Screen TV

A flat screen TV will always make your viewing habits into a very enjoyable experience because of the crisp, sharp, and clear display that emanates from it whether you are watching cable TV or a DVD. However, when your flat screen TV begins to accumulate scratches and blemishes on its screen due to accidents, it can ruin your viewing pleasure. When this happens, don’t fret and don’t buy a new one. There are several methods that you can explore to remove any scratch or blemish from your flat screen TV.

Have it serviced for free. The easiest way to remove the scratches that have invaded your precious flat screen TV is by checking its warranty. Some brands offer free replacement of repair of screens if it encounters scratch or blemishes. Check your warranty card to see if the warranty offered covers this. At the same time, check your warranty if your TV is still qualified for it. If it is, then it is time to bring it to the nearest service center or contact their customer services to have someone visit your house.

Purchase a scratch kit. A flat screen scratch repair or removal kit can be found and purchased at any computer, electronics, and online store. Search for one and purchase it. The kit will usually consist of a static-free cleaning cloth and a scratch removal cream or liquid. In any case, make sure to read the instructions and follow it to the letter. These scratch kits are normally your best bet in removing the scratches yourself.

Use alcohol. Another solution that you can try is wiping the screen with isopropyl alcohol. Get a clean cloth and dampen it with diluted alcohol. Gently wipe the scratches on the screen. This should be effective in hiding the scratches from view.

Use a rubbing compound. An automotive rubbing compound, which is used to remove scratches from a car body has been proven to work on flat screen TVs as well. Get a clean piece of cloth and apply rubbing compound on it. Apply it on the scratch. Cut a piece of felt and use it to rub the compound in. Rub the felt until the anti-glare coating on the screen has been removed. When you finish, apply an isopropyl alcohol dampened cloth to remove the compound. Scrub the cloth on the scratch and this should remove the rubbing compound. Once removed, spray some clear lacquer on the scratch to finish it. Make sure to cover the other parts of the screen with paper to protect it from damage during the procedure. Instead of rubbing compound, you can use petroleum jelly as well.

Use an eraser. Some people have found that a simple pencil eraser can do wonders for scratch removal on a TV’s flat screen. However, they have mentioned that the eraser will leave a small mark in its wake. If you want to try this, get a pencil eraser that is colored white and start rubbing it on the scratch until it disappears.

These are merely some of the ways to remove a scratch from a flat screen TV display. However, the surefire way will always be to bring the TV in for service. The manufacturers will always know best so make sure to trust in them. It may be costly if your TV is not under warranty anymore, but it will sure be worth it.


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