How To Remove All Music from Your iPod

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No matter how big your iPod's memory capacity is, there will come a time when you will need to remove some of the music from it to add in new music choices. Here are the steps to remove all the music files from your iPod.

  1. Make a back up. Before removing all music from your iPod, it would be wise to make back up copies of the songs you wish to be deleted. Do this by hooking up your iPod onto the computer you had it synchronized with the use of a USB cable. Once it is securely connected, run the iTunes program. Select iPod in the source list found on the left hand side of the menu. Afterwards, show the rest of the music listings contained in your iPod by clicking on the music tab. Afterwards, copy and paste the choice tracks onto your computer's memory. It would be a smart move to create a folder for all of these back up songs in case there isn't any yet. This way, your music library is well organized.
  2. Correct the settings first to manually remove songs. To do this step, your iPod has to be set to Manually manage songs and playlists. If it not yet configured to the manual setting yet, then do so by running the iTunes application again. Once more, choose iPod from the source list. After that, you have to choose the radio button that says Manually manage songs and playlists. Afterwards, click on OK to save the new settings.
  3. Manually remove songs. Once the manual setting is in place, you are now ready to remove all music from your iPod. Do this by accessing the source list and clicking on the iPod icon. After that, the list of songs will appear. All you need to do is choose all the songs you wish to be removed from your iPod. Do this by highlighting the songs and pressing Delete on your computer keyboard.
  4. Automatically remove songs. This can be done only if your iPod is configured to its default settings. All you need to do is run the application of iTunes. After that, just select all the songs you want to be removed from your iTunes music library. Finally, press Delete on your keyboard. Bear in mind that the default settings in iPod means that once you remove anything from the iTunes music library, all of the deleted files will automatically be removed from the iPod as well.

Now that you know how to free your iPod of all those songs you've lost interest in listening, then all you need to do is make a new list of fresh tracks and start copying them into your iPod.


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