How To Rent a Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machines are great tools to bring everyone’s inner rock star out. Bring one to any party, and once everybody’s warmed up to the karaoke music, the machine is bound to be crowded over by eager performers. However, karaoke equipment can be pretty expensive; not everyone can afford to purchase these entertaining pieces of technology. Fortunately, karaoke machines are available for rent. Here’s how you can borrow one for your next get-together:

  1. Find a rental company. The first step is to look for a karaoke equipment rental company in your area. You can ask a friend who’s rented one before where you can find one. You can also check the yellow pages for karaoke supplies professionals. Some party suppliers will offer rental on karaoke machines as well. If all else fails, go online. A simple search for “karaoke machine rentals,” plus your area, will go a long way towards helping you find your machine.
  2. Check the features. When inquiring about the karaoke machine, check to see if it’s got good music software and library. You want your guests to be able to enjoy the songs they’ll be singing. It’s also very important that they’ve got songs with which you and your guests are familiar with; otherwise you’ll have a lot less activity with the machine you rent.
  3. Decide who will run it. Every karaoke machine needs someone to operate it. Decide on who that operator will be at your party and bring him along to the rental company. He’ll need the karaoke systems be explained to him, from the set up, to running the machine, to putting it away at the end of the festivities. Avail of any tutorial that the rental company may offer. It’s a good idea to learn the stuff yourself as well, so that you can act as a backup should your friend be occupied with something else at the party.
  4. Ask about damages. You’ll need to inquire about the rental company’s damage policies. Accidents can happen, and you’ll need to know what to expect in case one befalls the karaoke machine. You’ll also want to inquire about refund policies as well, in the event that the machine doesn’t perform as promised.
  5. Check the equipment. Check to see if all the necessary karaoke equipment is included with the rental. In addition to the karaoke machine itself, you’ll need speakers, amplifiers, and a microphone. If you can, try to get high-quality karaoke equipment so that everybody sounds better when they take the stage.
  6. Move it! Arrange for the transportation of the karaoke machine You might need a van or a pick-up in case the machine is a big one. If you don’t have a big enough vehicle, it’s time to ask a favor of a friend or relative.
  7. Other offers: Some karaoke supplies professionals will offer more than just the rental of the karaoke machine. They can offer to bring the machine to and from your location, as well as set it up and pack the karaoke equipment away when you’re done. They can even provide a DJ who’ll operate the machine for you. While this will usually come at a higher cost than just the rental, you might be willing to spend a few extra dollars for the convenience.


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