How To Rent a Karaoke Machine for a Party

Man singing at karaoke

Parties are meant for fun and relaxation. One easy way for someone to relieve their stress is through singing. Therefore, a karaoke machine at a party would mean a great deal of amusement. Not everybody can afford to purchase a karaoke machine. Some do not want to invest in buying one. Instead, many still prefer renting when occasions call for the presence of this machine. There are steps to consider in renting a karaoke machine for your party.

  1. Search - In your are there is most likely a place that has karaoke rentals available. You can also ask your friends if they know of a place. Find one in the yellow pages or check online.
  2. Music library - Its content is the measurement of satisfaction for your invited guests. Make sure that it has a wide range of songs. Children songs must be available in case kids are present. It should also be equipped with the recent hits for teenagers as well as adults. If grandma and grandpa are invited, let them sing the classics passionately. A complete and up-to-date music library will make the function of the karaoke worthwhile.
  3. Machine operator - Who will you assign in pressing the buttons of the karaoke machine? Some rentals include one of their crew as the operator so you will not have any problem using it. If the package does not consist of operator, get your own. Bring him or her to the karaoke rental shop for thorough briefing. Make sure he understands everything well. Remember to get the contact number of the rental shop so you can just phone them if problem during usage arises.
  4. Damage policy - Accidents can happen. You have to consider this, especially that you are just renting something that somebody else owns. In case damage to the karaoke machine is incurred while it is with you, you have to know how the rental company will handle it. Another thing, check out if the company refunds your money if their machine does not function properly at your event.
  5. Rental package - Verify what is included in the karaoke rental package. Check if speakers, microphones and amplifiers are included. If not, find another company that offers a better package. Usually, these equipment come with the karaoke machine when rented. Make sure that their equipment is made of good quality to avoid disappointing your party guests.
  6. Transportation - Most karaoke rental companies deliver the machine to the party venue. If that feature is not included and you have a vehicle large enough to transport the machine, then that is not problem. Just assign at least two people who will take charge - a driver and another who will check if everything needed is present. Have the machine brought to the venue a couple of hours before the party to allow time for setting up.

When the party starts, the karaoke machine will bring a bunch of fun. Check it from time to time to make sure everything is working and ask children to refrain from playing with it. Remember, damages can be costly.


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