How To Rent Audio Visual Equipment

Home theater and component systems are becoming more affordable. However, most of the audio visual equipment you can buy off the shelf is often intended for home use. If you are going to make a presentation to an audience at an auditorium, or if you will be holding a concert at a school gymnasium or field, then you would need to rent audio visual equipment for this purpose.

Renting audio visual equipment is often a big task logistically. Most performers would usually have their own stage setup, so if you are hiring a professional band to perform, then the audio visual equipment would be part of the package, including sound systems, stage lighting and even pyrotechnics. However, if you are setting up each aspect of the show separately, then you would have several considerations to think of.

Indoor or outdoor. Is the event going to be held indoors, or outdoors? Most audio visual equipment rentals would have different equipment for these. Outdoor events would require setting up of light stands and presentation screens. Indoor events might not exactly be easier, since the audio-visual equipment supplier would have to determine if their equipment is compatible with the setup of the stage and the venue.

Size of the venue. Next consideration would be the size of the venue. Are you setting up a concert on a football field? Are you setting up the concert on the school gymnasium? The type of audio and lighting equipment to be used will differ. Outdoor equipment should be louder and more powerful, while indoor equipment can be a bit more toned down. Indoor stage lighting equipment can be more flexible, though, since the equipment provider can play with lighting on the ceilings and walls.

Compatibility with existing equipment. Apart from the venue, you should determine whether the equipment to be provided by a rental service would be compatible with existing equipment that the venue might use. Performers might have their own amplifiers and electric instruments, that they need to plug in. Will these be compatible? If you need to setup cameras and other recording equipment, will these machines interface well with the rental equipment?

Setup lead time. When renting audio-visual equipment, you would need to determine how long before the actual event the equipment provided needs to setup the equipment to make sure there is no trouble during the actual event. If it’s as simple as setting up projectors at an auditorium, then this can probably be done one day prior, or even a few hours prior to the event. However, if the stage setup is large and complicated, an equipment provider would probably need to set up at least two to three days in advance.

Apart from pricing and equipment provided, renting out audio visual equipment is not as simple as it seems if it will involve intricate and complex lighting systems. This is especially true for concert and outdoor venues. If you’re planning to rent out audio-visual equipment, be sure to inquire weeks or even months ahead of your actual need, just to be sure you can book your event with the equipment provider’s schedules.


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