How To Review iPod Power Charger Options

A lot of consumer electronic products nowadays generate a lot of aftermarket sales like automobiles do. One such product is Apple's digital music player, iPod. When you buy an iPod, an iPod shuffle, an iPod mini, or an iPod Touch, it's inevitable that you will buy an iPod case/sleeve, iPod docks, and iPod power chargers and adapters.

There are a lot of iPod power charger models to choose from. If you go to Amazon and do a quick search of iPod power chargers, you will get bombarded with more than a thousand results. Some cost only a few cents; these are usually items on sale or bulk sale. Some models cost as much as $75. Let's review different iPod power charger options available in the market.

1.    iPod USB power chargers. These type of power chargers work like your regular flash drive or any USB-based computer device. You just plugged it in your laptop or desktop computer and your iPod will start charging.  The good thing about USB power chargers is that there are no cables or bulky iPod docks or cradles to take with you when you go. Also, some USB power chargers work with both Mac and a personal computer, so if you own both, you should go for a USB power chargers.

There are USB power chargers that mimic how a USB power charger works. These care called USB power adapters. But you will need to buy a charger cable for this to work. you connect the cable to the USB power adapter and your iPod.  Apple, iPod's manufacturer, has released its own USB power adapter that is compatible with iPod nano 2G, 3G; iPod classic 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G; iPhone 1G. Apple's power charger adapter guaranteed fast, efficient anywhere in the world. When you buy the power adaptor, it will include an Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable.

2.    iPod vehicle chargers. If there are cell phone chargers that you can use while driving, there are also iPod power chargers that you can use in your car. Some of the more popular brands or manufacturers of iPod auto chargers are Griffin Technology, Belkin, Kensington, and iGo. Usually, iPod auto chargers are quick chargers so as not to use a lot power. Some iPod auto chargers come with an iPod dock, while some do not.

3.    Mega power chargers. If you're a gadget lover, you will probably need a mega power charger. These are power chargers that can charge most consumer electronics that you have including your iPod, cell phone, MP3 player, PSP, digital camera, etc. Perhaps the downside to using such power chargers is that they are bulkier than USB power chargers specifically designed for the iPod. But if you a lot of gadgets, this is definitely the power charger for you especially when you are traveling.

These are the iPod Power charger options available in the market. Choose one that meets your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. With a lot of brands and models around, there would surely be one for you.


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