How To Select and Purchase a Center Channel Speaker

The center channel speaker is the speaker usually poised at the center station of your multimedia system to help enhance your audiovisual experience. With no need of satellite channels, your center room sound channel speaker gives you that "surround sound" effect that you often find in prestigious movie theaters. You might not need to go out of your house to achieve that effect if you are able to find a fairly decent center channel speaker for your system.

When buying a center channel speaker, you don't just buy the item per se. You need to consider buying a support stand to aid in the placement as you mount it strategically on your shelf, etc.

  1. Check the manufacturer and brands. This is the best way to ensure high quality. If you have a trusted brand in mind such as Sony, and all the other parts of your multimedia system come from that particular manufacturer, then it would be the best place to start looking for an accompanying center channel speaker. The reliability of the brand will give you some peace of mind that you are buying your money's worth.
  2. Inspect the enclosure material. Resiliency is just as important as the brand. You might be needing some extra protection for areas frequented by children or any other special situation. The enclosure material protects your center channel speaker, so make sure that it is of a good make. This way, you can ensure surround sound that lasts and with high quality to back it up.
  3. Evaluate the dimensions: height, width and depth. What use is a good pair of speakers if not for its fit in size to your multimedia system? It is best to make exact measurements of what height, width and depth ranges you can accommodate for best support. If you are even more meticulous, you can include the weight, but most shelves can do away with that concern.
  4. Assess the price range that you are prepared for. While you will most likely want the best, budget is a vital consideration. There are websites providing a short list of brands according to the price range that you have available for purchasing. This is a good way to make sure that you don't go over your means.
  5. Consider buying a package. The center channel speaker is no island, and it can't just stand alone. It needs to jive with other elements like the side speakers and the actual monitor or component that it will attach itself with. Consider buying a package, since there are discounts available for such.
  6. Match it with your area acoustics. Check also the spacing in your home and see where you can best place your center channel speaker. Some technical knowledge on acoustics and comprehensive reviews are also helpful in aiding you as you check your options.


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