How To Set Up a TV Digital To Analog Converter Box

Since the FCC mandated television stations to move exclusively to digital format, those without cable or satellite are forced to use a digital to analog converter box for their television. These devices don’t cost much since the government is lowering the price of these products. You can get a $40 discount coupon from the government, which you can use to purchase your digital to analog converter box.


  • You can find a retail shop of digital converter boxes on the website Here you can search for any retailers within your area. You can also order coupons for discounted retail prices on these products.
  • The converter box usually costs around $10-$15 when you buy using the government discount coupons. Another thing to note is that the converter box will not work without a digital antenna. So you will also need to buy a digital antenna.
  • Upon unpacking the cardboard container of your digital to analog converter box, you should find cables and your digital converter box. Some converter boxes also come with a universal remote control that also includes batteries, while others have a separate remote control for only the digital converter.
  • You should unplug your television’s existing coaxial antenna wire from the Antenna In port if your device is using coaxial cables. If your converter box is working with RCA cables, you need to make sure that nothing is connected to your AV ports (input, TV/video, device).
  • You should plug the coaxial cable that comes with your package into the TV port on the back of your converter box, and then plug the other end of the cable into your television’s Antenna In port. For converter boxes which are using RCA Cables, connect them to your television’s AV ports.
  • You should plug your converter box’s power cord into an electrical outlet in your walls. Do the same for your television’s power cord.
  • If your converter comes with a universal remote control, install the batteries that come with the package into the universal remote control.
  • Turn your television on, then change the channel to Channel 3, and then turn on your digital to analog converter box with your universal remote control. Note that you don’t need to do this for digital converter boxes that are using RCA Cables, as they detect digital channels automatically.
  • Use the on-screen set up guide to scan for available digital channels. Some digital converter boxes automatically scan for any viable digital channels.
  • For your universal remote control to work on both your television and your digital converter box, you should follow the method indicated in the instruction manual that comes with your package. If your package does not come with a universal remote control, you will be using the digital converter remote to change channels, and your television’s remote for power and volume.
  • Some converter boxes have a special feature called analog pass-through. Analog pass-through allows you to receive signals from any analog stations in your area. To tune analog channels, you should follow what is indicated in the instruction guide that comes with your digital to analog converter box.


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