How To Set Up Mics for Karaoke

You have a new karaoke machine. Or, you rented one. The microphones are not connected yet and you really want to sing. Or, your guests are already on their way to the party. Follow these instructions to set up the microphones for karaoke. These are easy steps.

  1. Know your terms. Jacks refer to the ¼ inch holes either at the front, back, or someplace else on the karaoke machine. You may have a karaoke DVD player, and the jacks are usually positioned at the front of the player with controls or dials beside them. These dials control the microphone level. The cable is the wire connected to the microphone itself. This is usually long to accommodate movement. Connectors, also called jack plugs, are at the tip of the cable opposite the mic. These are the metal tips, which are plugged into the jacks to make a connection between the mic and the karaoke machine.
  2. Set up the karaoke. The karaoke must be made ready too. Turn it on. Place it where your TV is, under the TV rack, on top of it, or near it. This way, you have a single place of operation. So you will not be dancing around and get too dizzy to control the karaoke machine. This way, too, you can point all the remote controls in a single direction.
  3. Set up the speakers. AS part of the karaoke machine, you also have to set up the speakers. If you have a separate audio system, set this up next. Connect this to the karaoke. Some speakers have microphone jacks.
  4. Plug the mic in and turn it on. After those steps, you are now ready to plug the microphone into the karaoke. Unwind the cable and hold the connector. Carefully plug the connector to the microphone jack of the karaoke machine. Place it away from the speakers to avoid feedback sound.
  5. Set up mic level. The mic level must be set up next. Locate the mic volume dials beside or near the jacks. Set the microphone level at a comfortable balance with the sound level of the speakers. It must not be so loud as to overpower the speakers. But also not too soft to be unheard. Test the microphone. If you are contented with the way it sounds, you are ready.
  6. Choose a song and sing the first song. Since you set up the karaoke, speakers, and the mic, you have the right to sing and choose the first song! As an excuse to sing the first song, you can say that you are trying to test if the set up is alright. This way, you can make minor or major adjustments to the set up.

After using the karaoke, everything must be put back into their places. Wind up the mic cable and put it back into its box. Properly place it in the box to avoid any damage. But if you are a frequent karaoke singer, you can simply place the mic on top of the karaoke machine or on its stand or holder.


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