How To Sync a Playlist on an iPod

When you create a playlist with iTunes, you can easily organize and transfer your favorite music from your media library to your iPod. ITunes provide several options for you to synchronize your playlist to your iPod. This article will provide you the correct procedure on how to do it.

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer. The first thing you need to do is to plug the USB connector cable of your iPod to your computer. ITunes should open automatically. If it does not start right away, just open your iTunes manually.
  2. Create your own playlist. You will need a playlist before you can synchronize it to your iPod. You have the option to do this manually by selecting your favorite songs or you can let iTunes do it automatically. If you prefer to create your own playlist, go to “File” menu and click on “New Playlist”. You may also create a playlist by clicking on the “+” button. You will find this in the lower left hand corner of your iTunes. Type the name that you like for your playlist then drag and drop the songs you want to include in your playlist.
  3. Synchronize your playlist automatically. Choose your device, which is your iPod, in the Devices section you will find on the left side of your iTunes window. Go to the “Music” tab and go to the “Sync Music” option. On the “Sync Music” window, you may opt to synchronize all your songs or just pick playlists that you like. You have to make sure you have enough free space before you can synchronize your playlist from your music library. Click “Apply” and iTunes will start synchronizing your playlist to your iPod and eject your iPod from iTunes.
  4. Synchronize your music manually. You also have the choice to synchronize your playlist manually. To do this, connect your device again to your iTunes window. Wait until iTunes starts then choose your device from the “Devices” option. To set up your syncing options to manual, go to the “Summary” tab. You will find the option to “Manually manage music”. Select it to disable the automatic sync settings and click “Apply”. To add your playlist manually, select your favorite playlist from the left side of your iTunes windows. Drag your playlist onto your device and iTunes will synchronize your playlist to your iPod. Once you are done, disconnect your iPod from your computer.
  5. Synchronize your playlist with Autofill. The Autofill feature in iTunes allows its user to automatically remove your playlist from your iPod and replace it with the playlist that you selected. This can help you easily manage your iPod music. It allows you to adjust the setting of your playlist for synchronizing. To do this, make sure your iPod is set to manual syncing mode. Once you set your iPod to manual, select your device and click the “Disclosure Triangle”. You will find this next to your iPod icon. This will reveal the current contents of your device. Next thing you need to do is to select the “Music Library” and click the “Autofill” button. Once the synchronization process is complete, disconnect your device.

These are the steps on how you can synchronize your playlist to your iPod.


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