How To Transfer a DVR Recording to DVD

DVR recording

You have a project of making a video to show to the class. A specific instruction tells you to save the file in a DVD so that you can submit a copy of the video. To solve this problem, follow the steps below and ace that project.

  • First, you must be able to access the files from your digital video recorder through your computer. Of course, since your video recorder is digital it is already computer compatible and you do not have to deal with that kind of problem.
  • Prepare the cord or wires necessary to connect your digital video recorder to your computer. It is already included in the kit. There is no need to purchase this cord. Just find it in the box where your digital video recorded was previously placed. Connect one end of the cord to the digital video recorder, and the other to your computer’s universal serial bus (USB) port. To secure the safety of your digital video recorder as well as your computer, perform virus scanning before opening and transferring any file from the DVR.
  • After accessing the files, you might want to edit the video first. If not, you could directly proceed with transferring the files to a DVD. To do this, your computer needs to have the right software. This software will copy the video files from your digital video recorder to a DVD. You could purchase this online or off-the-shelf. There are also software programs on the Internet that are downloadable for free. Install the software application you prefer. There are also some computers that have embedded applications or software for such purpose.
  • After securing the software, provide a blank writable DVD, preferably a rewritable type. This type of DVD is compatible and will provide easier file transfer. If you commit a mistake in selecting the video file to transfer, you can correct it later. This advantage will be mentioned later on. You could buy one for a dollar or less at techy-stuff shops.
  • You can now begin the transferring of the video files. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive of your computer. Put it properly such that the shiny part of the DVD is facing on top. Make sure that your DVD is clean and free from particles that might scratch it while inside the DVD drive. Also, dust off the DVD drive before inserting the DVD so that no particles can obstruct the process.
  • So now, let the burning process begin! By the way, burning is the technical term used in referring to the process of transferring files from one source to another storage device. This also includes the permanent storage of the file in a DVD or CD. This is just like copying a file and placing that copy onto the desired medium. The software will do the rest of the job for you. You might have to wait for a few seconds to a couple of minutes. The time depends on the weight of the file, and the data writing speed of your DVD drive. To be specific, it will depend on the length and contents of the video file.
  • After copying the files to the DVD, the computer will automatically release the DVD from the DVD drive. Insert it again and check if you copied the right videos or if the video is complete. If not you can simply delete the file, since your DVD is rewritable. Then, do not forget to properly disconnect your digital video recorder from your computer.


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