How To Transfer Phone Calls

The recent developments in telecommunications provided the people with a much better means of organizing their phone calls. Call transfers are no longer limited to phone lines within the same place such as your home or your office. There are now several features offered by phone service providers that can permit you to transfer calls on your mobile or a number outside your location. Read on and follow these simple steps on how you can transfer your calls from one phone line to another.

Apply for a phone service. There are a lot of phone service companies that offer call transfer service. This will enable your phone to transfer calls to your mobile, or within your office or your home. A lot of these phone service providers, both local and international, also offer special rates that can fit into your budget.

Learn how to use the right buttons. Activating your phone's call transfer feature would require you to punch certain keys or codes on your phone. But the most common are call transfers made within a certain place, such as your home or your office.

  • Press the caller on hold button so you can start transferring the call to the caller's desired extension number. The caller will then hear music playing in the background, or a beeping sound while waiting.
  • Once on hold, dial the extension number or code and wait for an answer. If the person picks up, announce the transfer and hung up if the person decides to accept the call.
  • The caller and the desired number's lines will automatically get connected once you hang up. But be sure to politely inform the desired number not to put back the receiver in its cradle as this will disconnect the call.
  • You can press the call back button to get back to the caller if the desired person doesn't want to accept the call.

There are call transfer options that would allow you to transfer calls from your home phone to your mobile. The most popular of which are Vonage call transfer or VoIP call transfer and in-PHONEX. Their special in-call features allow people who are always on the go to transfer calls to their mobile or to another phone number in some parts of the U.S. by simply pressing on a set of keys or specific buttons on their phone.

Customize your transfer options. Other phone service providers such as Freedom800 offers special features such as customization of your call transfer options. You can also customize the main greeting and mailbox recordings, which may be specific to your work or your business. By programming your call transfer options, you can choose certain phone numbers in your directory that can get in touch with you anytime, while you can redirect the others to your voicemail.

Transferring phone calls is relatively easy. It just requires some getting used to. A little know-how wouldn't hurt and in fact would even be helpful for you so you wouldn't miss important calls whether at home or at work.


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