How To Understand What a Patch Panel Is

Do you know what a patch panel is? Do you know what it looks like? Patch panels are widely used to make businesses grow and succeed nowadays. Patch panels usually aid stage staff, phone and cable industries, and TV and radio broadcasting systems. With the major role that patch panels play in the lives of most individuals, it is valuable to understand what a patch panel is. Knowing basic facts about patch panel will help people maximize its potentials and to know its limitations as well.

Quick facts about patch panels are listed below to help you understand what a patch panel is:

  1. What is a patch panel? A patch panel is also called as patch bay and jack field. It is a board pane that contains numerous cable connections. Each panel contains wiring that is connected to run equipment. On the other hand, the frontage of the panel includes patch cables that are used to produce a link to other equipment. For instance, patch panels are used in the older version of telephones. Telephone operators used to link callers to the individuals they are calling through plugging cables on panel boards.
  2. When are patch panels used? Patch panels are usually used in different fields as well as applications. For instance, both cable and phone companies use cable panels to connect and/or to disconnect service. These panels allow their technicians to roam and to render repairs for their services. Moreover, auditoriums as well as stage theaters use patch panels to link audiovisual materials to help in the improvement and beautification of presentation and stage performance. In addition to this, patch panels are also used to aid broadcast studios, radio stations, as well as recording studios. Patch panels are used in these industries to connect data to different equipment and devices. Internet providers also use connection terminals as well as modular panels.
  3. What are the substitutes for patch panels? As a recall, patch panels are used as bridge to either connect or to disconnect connections. Alternatives for patch panels are the following: punch box, termination panel, fiber panel, and leviton panel, as well as distribution frame. The alternatives cited are more permanent than patch panels.
  4. What is a patch cord? A patch cord is a cable. It could be optical or electrical. Patch cords are used to link devices for routing of signals. Devices such as computers and routers are connected through patch cords. Patch cords are important tools of patch panels for without them, connections would be impossible. Patch cords come in different colors so that they could be distinguished easily. These patch cords are usually two to three meters in length. Microphone cables, RCA connectors, and extension cables are samples of patch cords.

Are you now educated with patch panels? This simple and easy way to understand facts will help you be acquainted with patch panels and use them.


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