How To Use a Brother Fax Machine

Fax machines can be very convenient especially in offices. One of the manufacturers of good fax machines is Brother. Brother fax machines have several advantages over its competitors in the market because of its reasonable price and the ease with which it can be connected to a desktop computer.

One of the prestigious fax machines made by Brother is the Intellifax 2820. With this, you can  send fax messages at a rate of 10 pages per minute which other fax machines can't do. Another distinct feature of this is its large memory. It is able to cover 500 pages, which is very convenient if your fax machine runs out of paper.

With this model, you can send many fax messages simultaneously while producing quality printouts. However, at first, you might get confused on how to use this kind of fax machine. So here are some steps on how to operate your Brother fax machine.

  • Plugging of the machine: A standard electrical outlet is needed for your Brother fax machine to be plugged into. Another tool that is required is a working telephone jack since this where you will be plugging the telephone cord. Make sure that it is turned on.
  • Number of papers loaded: You can load up to 100 sheets of paper into the paper cassette once you have opened the cover (tip: Open the cover by pulling it). Also make sure that the paper you load will not exceed the maximum amount that it can contain based on the paper guide given. After you have loaded the paper, close the paper cover by pushing it.
  • Placing your document: When you are ready to fax a document to someone, place it on the document feeder facing down with the top part inserted first. You can adjust the edge guide to fit the paper size of your original document because papers can vary in size. Afterwards, you may now press the speaker button to make sure that there is a dial tone. This will serve as your hint that you can start faxing your document.
  • Dial the number: You may now press the fax number you want to call by dialing the corresponding numbers in the pad. You will then hear the fax tone connection. There are some fax machines that are used as telephones too. If that is the case, once the operator answers the phone, you may ask for the fax tone. You will hear it afterwards.

Once it is connected, press the Start button. Eventually, your paper will be transmitted. The machine will automatically disconnect once the transmission of your document is complete.

These are just the basic steps on how you will use the Brother fax machine. You must also read the guide included in the box of the machine. Some details are not included in these basic steps, such as not inserting curled or stapled documents.

This machine is a bit expensive which is why you should handle it properly. In the long run, you will find that its price is reasonable because of the convenience that it brings.


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