How To Use a Direct TV Remote Control

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DirecTV is a kind of broadcast service through television and radio with the use of satellite transmissions. These services are comprised of local, broadcast and subscription television stations, satellite radio and private videos.

You can view programs through DirecTV with the use of a satellite dish, decoder and access card. This also includes a Universal Remote control that controls the receiver, the television and other devices. So you want to use your remote control already? Here are some tips.

Know your DirecTV Remote Control. You should understand how the buttons are categorized according to their use so that you will not encounter a hard time using your remote control. There are what you call equipment controls that are used to control the devices. Here, you can toggle the device on or off, display television or DVD player programs, and format the resolution of your television screen.

There are buttons that are categorized as DVR controls, where you can play, pause, rewind, replay, forward or stop videos. There are also the Menu controls which can show you the Program Guide, show you a list of your programs that were recorded, and show you programs that you can record, or give you some information about the program that you are currently watching. There are also colored buttons (red, yellow, green, and blue), which have different functions. Lastly, there are the regular remote control buttons that are seen in a regular television remote control.

Control your receiver. You should take note of the brand, model and 5-digit code of your receiver. Find the DirecTV logo, press the Mute and Select button until the LED that is located above the logo flashes. You will be instructed to enter the code. The code is accepted if the LED light flashes again. You can try the remote control if it works. If not, refer to your user's manual for any error or contact your DirecTv supplier. Same is done if you want to control your television or the component systems.

Control a Component System. You should set the switch that has four positions on AV1 or AV2. Bear in mind that you should also turn on the component that you wish to control and take note of the code meant for components so that you will not find a hard time setting your remote control.  The procedure is the same with how you control your receiver; the difference is that you have to set it to AV1 or AV2.

Now use your remote control. Just remember that the buttons that surround the play button are those that are used to control components. There are the traditional buttons of pause, stop, forward, and rewind. Remember also that the buttons that surround the select button is for the controlling receiver, and the Volume and Channel buttons are used to control the sound volume and change to the channel that you like.

Getting used to using a universal remote control can be a confusing task, at least at first. But you will be able to get around with the controls if you maintain constant practice and exploration.


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