How To Use a Fax Machine

Inserting paper into a fax machine

Fax machines have multiple uses aside from sending and receiving documents through the telephone network in real time. It is usually used in the office and can function as a copying machine, but not for mass copies. It can also track transmission of documents for the previous days. And with the development of technology, fax machines can already send out transmissions to computers. Fax supplies used are usually thermal paper, but there are also fax machines that use ink for their fax printers.

Here are the simple steps to use the fax machine in sending a document:

  1. Fill out a fax transmission form, which will serve as a cover page to your document, which contains the name of the person to whom the fax is for, the subject matter of the document and the sender's name and contact number.
  2. Insert the fax transmission form on the fax machine, then dial the fax number into the machine and wait for a fax tone. If it is a telefax, when someone answers, ask for a fax tone.
  3. Hit the send button when you hear the fax tone, which is a long, high pitch beep. You can put the receiver down once the transmission has started. After the document has been sent, the fax machine will give out a beeping sound. You have an option to print out a transmission record as proof that you have successfully sent the document.

Here are the steps in receiving a document through the fax machine:

  1. When receiving a fax transmission, you will hear a fax tone, and then you can hit the send/receive button and put the receiver down once the transmission starts.
  2. If you are using a telefax, the caller will ask for a fax tone. To "give" a fax tone, you need to press the send/receive button, and you can put the receiver down once you hear the fax tone.
  3. You can also print out a transmission record of documents received by the fax machine.

Here are steps in making document copies using the fax machine:

  1. Place the document to be copied in the fax machine, in the same manner as when sending a document.
  2. Press the copy button, or in some cases, you need to select a function in the fax machine menu to copy a document.
  3. The fax machine will then start scanning the document and the fax printer will produce a copy. If the fax machine uses thermal paper, the copy will eventually fade, so it is advisable to use the fax machine as a copier only for urgent purposes.

There is also fax equipment that can send and receive fax documents to and from a computer, which is called Internet faxing. For this application, you need fax software for your computer, which you can download online. This application on the computer is just like sending out an email attachment. A digital copy of a document can also be transmitted to a fax machine. This technology is best for those in business since they can do transactions on multiple media: through telephone, fax and the computer, using only one fax equipment.


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