How To Use a Home Satellite Dish in Your RV

Photo of home satellite dish

It's summer! Time to enjoy the season with some serious driving and vacationing in your RV complete with all the amenities your home offers including a satellite dish! No RV family leaves home without it!

Now the satellite dish you have at home might not be the ideal one you should take on your RV vacation because of its size and the complications posed by disconnecting the thing from your roof. You can however call a technician from your provider and pay a fee to transfer your dish from the roof to the RV. That's one suggestion you might want to consider. The others are:

  • Read the instruction manual. Every part of the satellite dish is there to get you up to speed on how it makes your TV receive reception for you to watch your favorite TV shows. Read everything about it and get into the how to's of parabolic reflector, receiver, and coax cabling - just to mention a few of the easily identifiable parts of a satellite dish (yes, surely jesting)
  • Purchase a small system for your RV. For just $200.00 you can purchase a satellite system from Radio Shack or Walmart that you can easily assemble and can pick up signals even while you are driving. Another thing to consider is a dish that can be folded and stowed when not in use. Some even carry great deals that won't take so much from your pocket by way of monthly fees. Shop around before making a decision
  • Position the dish where it can pick up the most signal. Ideally on the roof of your RV. It's actually where it should be positioned to get the most performance out of the dish. Aside from this, positioning it this way means there's a very small risk of someone wanting to steal it (as opposed to a dish that's positioned level to the RV with a tripod) and no one in camp can attempt to deter your viewing pleasure by standing directly in front of your dish to confuse or block the reception.
  • Make use of tripods as backup. As you enjoy the scenic route in your RV, there will be many occasions when your dish won't work. Don't get mad at the service provider. Look around you and observe if your dish is directly facing an obstruction like tall structures and trees, the latter being the number 1 archenemy of reception. Even a single branch with a couple of leaves is enough to interrupt your signal. This is where tripods come in handy. Simply take down your dish and attach it to your tripod and move it about to get a better reception.
  • Stow extension cables. Cables are important when you need to position your dish a bit farther from your RV. Just make sure it is still within easy view so that no one will attempt to run away with the whole system. 

To make it easier for you to enjoy your satellite dish while on the road, look into purchasing an RV with a satellite-ready network in the vehicle. It will be pricey but that's technology for you.


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