How To Use Blu Ray Equipment

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These days, a home entertainment system wouldn't be complete without having Blu Ray Technology. With this state-of-the-art multimedia equipment, movie enthusiasts like you are guaranteed the ultimate high definition picture and sound quality, similar to that of a movie house.

Blu Ray technology was introduced and developed by Sony to answer the need in developing and enhancing optical disk technology. With the increasing demand for high-definition videos, Blu Ray has rapidly crept its way into becoming the next big thing in home entertainment. Nowadays, movie studios like Walt Disney, Buena Vista, Fox, MGM, and Sony BMG are banking on the use of Blu Ray disks in the release of their films.

Compared to other Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) formats that can only hold standard definition or SD, Blu Ray gives its audience a sharper and crystal clear image in high definition or HD. It also boasts of the ability to store large amounts of data, up to five times the capacity of standard DVD's. With 25 GB of disk space, Blu Ray discs have more than enough storage for added interactive features and extra contents, compared to a standard DVD that can only hold up to 4.5 GB of data. Also, this polymer-made disk is resistant to dirt and scratches, and is armed with anti-piracy measures such as a digital watermark, Advanced Access Content System, High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and BD+ technology. No wonder film companies are going for this new version of DVD's.

Blu Ray disks are read by a player differently from ordinary optical discs. Blu Ray DVD players use a blue-violet laser that has a shorter wavelength of 405 nanometers. In contrast, ordinary DVD players use red laser technology with a wavelength of 650 nanometers. This greater precision processing of Blu Ray disk technology allows high definition rendering of compressed data.

If you want to try the experience of watching from a Blu Ray disc, what you need is a Blu Ray DVD Player that is connected to a high definition television with the use of HDMI cables. This makes sure that the compressed data in Blu Ray DVD's are adeptly displayed on your screen. You also cannot play Blu Ray discs on players other than a Blu Ray DVD player, because that simply wouldn't work. Sony, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, LG, and Sharp are the current manufacturers of Blu Ray DVD players. They are hard-pressed in creating consoles that can play all forms of DVD's, may they be Blu-Ray technology, HD DVD's, or standard DVD's, to give their audiences the best of movie entertainment.

Today, the growing demand for Blu Ray technology is mirrored in its increasing sales. In fact, over 1.6 million Blu Ray disks were sold during the first six months of its release. This only proves that the demand for high definition movies is long underway. Sooner or later, Blu Ray disks will completely replace all other types of optical media disks. From BetaMax, to VHS, compact discs, and DVD's, Blu Ray technology will become the ultimate high definition material in the history of movie production.


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