How To Wear Earbuds

Many people hate to wear earbuds. The say that unlike the usual headphone, earbuds tend to fall off their ears. Some also complain about how painful it is to wear a pair of earbuds. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with wearing earbuds. The problem is that these people don’t know how to properly wear earbuds. And so, they experience pain and discomfort while wearing the thing.

If you have earbuds and want to give it another try, better wear it properly the next time. The steps below will guide you on how to correctly wear a pair of earbuds:

  • Identify which is for the left and for the right ear. Earbuds are usually marked with “L” and “R.” These marks indicate to which ear the earbud should be worn. The earbuds have these marks because the right bud is usually louder than the left. The engineering is like this because most people need to hear the sound louder in the right ear compared to the left ear.
  • Wear the stem on the right spot. Do you see that stem-like structure that connects the buds to the wires? That stem is specially designed to fit in that lower portion of your ear that is near the ear canal. Make sure that the stem is perfectly fitted in that spot. This helps prevent falling of the earbuds from the wearer’s ears.
  • Insert the buds. Earbuds should be inserted gently into the ear canals. Remember that earbuds are specially designed to not totally insert in the ears. This gives enough air for the ears plus, the earbuds won’t totally isolate you from external noises.
  • Adjust the volume. Play a song to test the sound quality produced by the earbuds. Most earbuds come with their own volume adjuster. If your earbuds don’t come with its own adjuster, then you can use your device’s volume control to adjust the level of sound.

Once properly worn, the earbuds should stick well into your ear and not fall off.

Sometimes, earbuds might still fall off the ear or might produce painful sound even after wearing them properly. The problem could be the earbuds already.

If they keep on falling off, better buy a new pair of earbuds. These come in different sizes to cater for different ear canal sizes. Test-wear the earbuds when choosing so you’ll know you have chosen something with the perfect fit.

If the sound is the problem, perhaps there is a faulty wiring in the earbuds. Check the wires and see if there are any cuts. Repairing it is sometimes impossible. You’ll have to buy a new pair. Again, check the earbuds’ sound quality before you finally decide that you want to buy that pair.

You may try using other portable phones to play your music. Headphones or earphones with clip-ons can be your better alternative.

Whatever you use, always remember that prolonged exposure to these devices might damage your eardrums. You should take a break when listening to music or you should only play using soft volume. This way, you lessen the possible damages to the ears while enjoying the music.


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