How Vehicle Tracking Devices Work

People spend their hard earned money and endure the stress of the daily grind to buy one of the world’s greatest assets: a Lamborghini or the latest SUV. Yes, everyone aspires to owning the coolest, most expensive vehicle that will turn heads whenever it passes by on the streets of New York. Though owning cars seems to fulfill ones whim, there are many consequences and problems associated with it. Many vehicle owners are worried about the occurrence of car theft and are preoccupied with the costs involved in recovering the stolen car.

Woman using global navigation systemThe birth of modern vehicle tracking devices has proven more effective in reducing the prevalence of car theft and other related crimes. A car tracking device is installed in a vehicle and uses GPS technology that is programmed to trace the vehicle’s exact location. It sends automatic phone or e-mail alerts to the owner. With the use of GPS technology, Internet, and mobile networks, it will be easier for you to report a stolen car to the police or track your delinquent teens.

The GPS or Global Positioning System does wonders in vehicle tracking solutions. A GPS vehicle tracker is composed of 24 satellites that orbit the earth. The satellites allow the GPS receivers to capture the signals from three or more satellites, known as the trilateration. The GPS receivers calculate the distance of each satellite and send the data to the Internet and mobile phones. By logging online, the GPS system feeds you information about the vehicle’s speed, direction, and fuel consumption. For example, if the car is heading from North to South Africa, you will receive an e-mail or text message showing the car’s route from north to south.

There are two types of GPS tracking device: passive and active. A passive device requires you to download the data stored by the GPS satellites; meanwhile, the active device transfers the GPS data through mobile and Internet networks. However, most advanced vehicle tracking devices today are using both passive and active uniformly to broaden the data transfer and GPS connection.

Primarily, a vehicle tracking device is crucial to business functions, especially for car dealers or car rental companies. Via GPS tracking device, car rental agencies keep an eye to clients who will violate the company’s rule. Companies engaged in multi-million dollar investments like insurance and field sales have converted to GPS technology. Asset GPS tracking allows these businesses to closely monitor the operations while the workers are working remotely from the company. GPS gives accurate maps to where the field workers and couriers are located.

Moreover, the GPS technology is used for personal purpose. For parents who wish to know the whereabouts of their teenagers, the child tracking device should be installed in the car, and parents will receive maps confirming their children skipped school. Or, if you feel that your husband is having an affair with another woman, you can mount a tracking device without his knowledge. What’s good about the vehicle tracking device is that it is cheap and that you can install it anytime inside your car. The tracking device secures your vehicle from thieves who might be lurking inside the car park or the neighborhood.


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