How To Rent an Outdoor Projector

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Summer is a great time to have outdoor fun - and one of the ways to have a great time outdoors is by hosting an outdoor movie marathon! Enjoying movies with your friends amidst the great weather outdoors would definitely make for a summer to remember.

So if you're planning for one such outdoor event and you're wondering where to get started, it's best to begin by hunting for the needed equipment - that is, outdoor projectors. Here are some factors for you to consider:

Consider your needs and preferences.

It's always best to start with a plan. First, assess such factors as how many people will be in the audience, how large the area is, and what the weather and lighting conditions will be like. The materials you will need (see below) will generally depend on these factors.

Determine the materials you would need.

Typically, you would need a projector, an output device, audio equipment, and a flat, white screen. This last one is optional since you could use other appropriate materials that you already have at hand, such as a blank, white wall, or a big white cloth. However, using a portable floor screen would generally make for the best image and viewing quality. You would get to choose the specifications for the equipment. As mentioned above, it will ultimately depend on the situation as to what equipment will be most suitable. For example, you may rent projectors with short-throw lenses, that is, lenses that produce large images across short distances, if you are planning to hold your event in a small area. When it comes to audio rental, you may choose equipment with less wattage capabilities if you are holding a small to medium-sized event, or a 150 - 250 watt speaker system for larger events.

Remember to take into consideration wiring plans and the available power sources (i.e., will you be needing extension wires, etc). A tip for choosing a projector is to look at the lumens (which determines its brightness and clarity), go for one with 1,000 lumens or higher. Know that higher lumens means that it is adaptable to a wider range of environments. Also, a venue's natural lighting should be taken into consideration: the brighter it is, the brighter the projector should also be. Consider also other factors such as contrast (2,000:1 or higher), and resolution. Other things you may consider include laptop rental, if you're planning to use a laptop as the source signal (or where the data to be projected will come from); actually, any PC with a built-in DVD player will do, and you may choose to rent a computer for this option. Other source signals you may consider include a DVD player and a games console. If you decide on using a plasma screen as an output device, then compare different rates for plasma rental.

Choose your outdoor projector rental company.

Do comparison shopping among different projector hire companies in order to find the best rates. One suggestion is for you to get a basic idea of how much an audio visual rental is; you could use online sources for this. From the rates that you find out from your initial research, you could then contact local outdoor projector rental companies in your area. It's a good idea to hunt online for such companies by typing in the key words, "outdoor projector rental" along with your city name (or the nearest major city to you). For example, if you live in Seattle, you could browse through; if you live in New Jersey, you could visit such companies as Soundguard Events Sound Systems&Av Rentals in Teaneck. You could also opt to hunt out local company names through Google Maps, so whether you live in San Diego, in Houston or in Denver, or virtually anywhere else in the world, you would be able to get a comprehensive listing of useful facilities near your home.

That's it! Here's to great outdoor fun this summer!


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