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As technology advances, keeping up with it isn’t always easy. These days, the simplest of communication functions to one person is an adventure to the less-computer-savvy among us. Unfortunately, more and more devices such as cellular phones, GPS units and other high-tech gadgets are sold with fewer and fewer instructions; often, what instruction is available is difficult for novices to understand.

Our articles are presented in easy-to-comprehend terms and aimed to help newcomers tackle the world of communication devices, from basic commands such as sending text messages or choosing a prepaid phone, to more complex challenges such as understanding panel patches. Most importantly, our articles are directed at specific targets, so you don’t have to wade through page after page of unrelated information to get the answer to your question.

We’ll help steer you through the often-complex world of cellular phones to help you better understand phone accessories and answer common questions such as how to activate an old, used phone - or how to choose between different local telephone service providers. As phones progress, so too do our tutorials; we have help for the computer illiterate among us who are having trouble digging through an owner’s manual to find out how to download a ring tone. Also, since performing common functions is different from one cell phone brand to another, our articles address brand-specific issues, such as sending text messages with Verizon and using icons on an iPhone.

Communication technology shouldn't be frightening. Whether your uncertainties revolve around an "old school" device like a 2-Way Radio or Land Line, or a high-tech gadget like a Smart Phone or Global Positioning System, the key is having a resource which can explain the answers to your questions in terms you can understand - and now you’ve found it!

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