Portable Audio

There is a huge selection of portable audio devices that can fit in your pocket, or at least in your glove compartment, and be with you almost wherever you go. But what is the best system for you? Our articles can help you make that decision. For example, if your treasured collections of music are in the form of CDs, then you need to either consider portable CD players, or take on the task of transferring some of that music to other portable digital players, such as an MP3 player. The experts who write for us can give you great advice on finding the portable audio solutions that are the best for your situation.

Consider your work setting: If you work in one place for an extended period of time (office, warehouse, storage facility) and are not in public very much, then you may wish to consider a portable player that has accessories like speakers, and invest in an actual portable sound system. On the other hand, you may be more concerned with the smallest devices to carry with you. Do you exercise with music? Then what kind of device will stay with you and not fly across the room when you are pumping iron? You can find out in our Portable Audio section!

You will also need to decide which format of portable audio device you want - whether you prefer your own selection of stored music on mini-cassette or CD or digital libraries, or you have favorite radio programs that you cannot live without. Finally, some devices even have the option of recording from live radio for later listening - a kind of DVR in your pocket! Check out the articles that will help you think through all of these issues.

In our articles you will learn not only how to choose the best portable devices but how to transfer your favorite musical libraries and collections between systems - from CD to MPs, from MP3 to mini-cassette, or CD to Mini CD - any format you prefer. There are some tricks to learning the easiest ways to transfer your tunes from device to device, but our experts are ready to offer the best advice. With the information provided on our site, you can always live in a world with the music you choose for your life.

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