How To Program an RCA Universal Remote Using Manual Code Search

Universal remote control

Having various devices or components that can be controlled with a remote means you’ll have one remote for each device. It could become a challenge when you can’t tell which one will turn on what. Or when you’ve become too familiar with one remote and find yourself totally confused with another remote. It would be a great relief to have just one remote control to operate all the devices like the TV, stereo, or home entertainment system. The RCA Universal Remote can be programmed to operate your devices by finding the proper code for each device.

  1. Switch on the component or device. Select the device you want the remote to control and switch on the power button manually on the device or component.
  2. Hold down device or component button. First, aim your remote at the device you manually turned on and keep it aimed at it for the duration of the programming. Select and hold down the device or component button, if you turned on your DVD player, then select that device button on the remote and hold it down. The indicator LED will turn on and stay on.
  3. Hold down the ON/OFF button. While your finger is still holding down the device button, use another finger to press and hold down the ON/OFF button. Keep holding down both buttons. The indicator LED will go off, but keep your fingers down. After three seconds the indicator LED will turn back on.
  4. Let go of both buttons. You can now let go of the device button and the ON/OFF button. You will notice the indicator LED will stay lit.
  5. Push and let go of the ON/OFF button once for each second. Since there are hundreds of codes for each device, this process may take a while. Push and release the ON/OFF button once per second, the indicator LED will blink indicating that a code has been entered. Once the device turns off then this will tell you have found the appropriate code for that device.
  6. Save the code. When you finally find the right code for your device, press and release the STOP button. This will save the device code in its memory. You can then move on to the next device.

Having one remote control to operate all your devices at home like your TV, DVD player, or stereo, will save you a lot of time and effort. The RCA Universal Remote can be programmed to control all your devices with a little patience.


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