How To Use DVDx to Rip a DVD

People like to back up their favorite DVD movies just in case the DVD itself gets damaged or lost. Backing up DVD files can also help keep the DVD disk in pristine condition since you will play the movie mostly from your hard disk or portable media device. But you will need to convert the DVD files to another format so it will compress the file and it won’t take up too much space, especially on portable media devices, where space is limited. There is DVD backup software that will enable you to convert DVD video files to high video quality formats like AVI or MPG. DVDx is probably one of the most popular DVD backup software; aside from high quality output the software encodes files faster than other backup software. The software is free to download on its website and other various websites that share software downloads. To convert DVD files to an AVI or MPG file using DVDx follow the steps below.

1. Download the DVDx software.

Locate the DVDx software download on the internet and download it to your computer. Save the software file where it is highly visible like your desktop. You may need to extract the software if it is zipped, so unzip and extract it to your desktop.

2. Install the DVDx software.

Click on the DVDx file and follow instructions to install the software to your computer.

3. Run the DVDx program.

Once installation is done, run the program.

4. Locate your DVD files.

When the DVDx interface is displayed use the file menu to open and locate your DVD files. You may have saved your DVD files on your computer earlier, so whether the DVD files are in the DVD Rom or hard drive you need to locate the VTS.IFO file. Once you’ve found it and selected it, it becomes the video source. The Input Settings window will now be displayed automatically.

5. Check input settings.

Check if there’s an audio track displayed in the audio portion. You can leave default settings as is, but be sure there is a check mark on Audio/Video synchronization, and then click OK.

6. Configure settings on the Output Settings panel.

Go to the Settings menu on the top toolbar, select and open the Output Settings panel. You can now choose the video output format, either AVI or MPG. Configure the video resolution, audio quality and video codec to use. When you are done configuring the settings, click Apply at the bottom.

7. Choose destination folder and start encoding.

Go to the file menu and select Destination. Browse where you want to save your movie file to then click on Save then OK. At the right bottom side of the DVDx interface is a record button. A small red circle is on the record the button; click it to start encoding your DVD file.

After encoding is done, check if you have the desired output. If all is well, you can now delete the DVD file saved on your hard disk to create more space.


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