How To Shop for Mobile Phone Accessories

Once you purchase a cellular phone it is only a matter of time before you get the urge to shop for mobile phone accessories. Phone accessories are available for all types and brands of phones. These are meant to enhance the user's experience and at times, serve as a fashion statement. Mobile phone accessories include:

  • Protective casings made from different materials that come in various designs.
  • Cell phone skins.
  • Cell phone bags, holders and cases.
  • Additional chargers.
  • In-car chargers.
  • Hands free devices.
  • Bluetooth devices.
  • Micro SD memory cards with different storage capacities.
  • Additional batteries.
  • Earphones and headsets.
  • Navigation software system.
  • Digital speaker systems.

There are genuine accessories made by cellular phone manufacturers as well as generic sellers. Accessories come in a wide range of functions, styles and costs. You can find mobile phone accessories in the following places:

  • Mobile phone company outlets - Whether you live in Westerville, Ohio or Tokyo, Japan, local phone listings usually have information on mobile phone company outlets like Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson and Apple.
  • Authorized cell phone dealers - They offer better shop deals compared to the mobile phone company outlets, plus they have products for most cell phone brands.
  • Large discount stores - Stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target deal mobile phone accessories for different brands at reasonable prices.
  • Electronic stores - Most electronic stores sell mobile phone and accessories together with other devices.
  • Online - Shopping online is where you can shop cheapest. Try sites like:

When you shop for mobile phone accessories, keep in mind these tips:

  1. Compatibility - If you are buying an accessory whose brand is different from your phone (which may not be a good idea in some cases) make sure it is compatible. Otherwise, the accessory may not work or even damage your phone.
  2. Compare prices - Don't just shop at the first store or Web site you visit, even if they claim that they have the lowest prices. Before you shop, compare the prices of at least 3 places. Usually, authorized phone company outlets have the steepest prices.
  3. Buy quality - If the price is too good to be true, check the quality of the product. Cheap is not usually synonymous to high quality.
  4. Check for the warranty and return policy - How long is the warranty on chargers and batteries? What is the return policy of Bluetooth devices? You don't need the extra headache of not being able to return or replace a defective product.
  5. Factor in delivery charges - If you are shopping online, the total price you pay includes not only the cost of the accessory but delivery charges as well. Make sure the price you pay is still cheaper than if you bought from a store.

Some mobile phone accessories are needed, while others are nice to have. They come in different brands, styles and prices. There are inexpensive accessories sold in stores and online outlets. If you are a fashion plate, you can also find fashionable designer accessories for the phone. It's fun and easy to shop for mobile phone accessories when you know what you want and where to find it.


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