How To Find the Best Places to Buy a GPS

With so many different offers from different GPS device manufacturers, choosing a brand is difficult enough, and choosing the best place to buy from is another not so easy concern. There are a lot of factors to consider before committing to a brand and making a purchase. You have to find out what type of GPS device you need, whether a portable GPS device or a vehicle mounted GPS unit, and this is mostly based on how you’ll be using the GPS device.

  1. Online Stores. There are a lot of online stores that offer the best deals in GPS devices, like or Garmin’s website. Most of these online stores will offer consistent best buys and services. You will see product descriptions and specifications so you can compare each GPS product. Various types of GPS devices will be found on most of these online stores for different types of needs. If you’ll need the GPS for hiking or camping, then a basic handheld GPS system is what you need. For road navigation, a GPS device that can be mounted on your vehicle is recommended. Whether you travel by land, sea or air you’ll find an appropriate GPS device in the online stores.
  2. Dedicated magazines. Dedicated magazines that focus on GPS devices act like brochures and you will definitely find product reviews in their pages. The reviews are beneficial when deciding on a GPS device to purchase because most of these reviews are unbiased and the information you get will help you to understand what each type of GPS device offers and the quality you will be getting. They’ll feature top brands that have the best features and cover new products that are launched in the market. You find updates and see what the future is like for the GPS device.
  3. Local merchants. Local stores that sell GPS devices may have limited types or brands, but they will have one that you need. Since it is a local store based in your community you’re sure to get some honest reviews about each brand. Feedback about a purchase from these stores is almost instantaneous, and you’ll find out which ones are the bestsellers and the ones that customers returned. You can even try out one of the GPS devices for a day before buying that particular product.

You may have to try out a few before finding the right GPS device you need. The online stores and magazines will carry most of the brands and types of GPS devices, from sophisticated units to consumer grade products. Going to a local merchant on the other hand, will enable you to test the product before purchasing a device.


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