How To Buy a Radio as a Gift

Radio products released in the market have various make, model and brand. Knowing the different types of consumer radio products is essential if you are thinking of buying a radio as a gift.

  1. Know the types of radios available in the market. In general, there are three types of radios – the portable, DAB and clock radios. Portable radios are lightweight and handy so they can be brought along wherever you go. Most portable radios come in both mains-powered and battery-powered options. Newer models of portable radios are digital transmission-ready. This essentially means that one can listen to local and national radio stations broadcasting in the digital format. The second type is called the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio. DAB radios are capable of receiving, decoding and outputting digital audio signals transmitted by local and national radio stations alike. Most DAB radios have to be plugged to a power strip. It might be a good idea to shop for one capable of running in batteries if the person you’ll be giving the DAB radio to is always traveling. The third and last type is called a clock radio. And as the name suggests, clock radios have built-in alarm clocks. Instead of the typical irritating clock alarm sound, one wakes up to the music from his favorite radio station. Most clock radios come in the standard format which is receiving frequency modulation (FM) transmissions. But with the transition to digital, some clock radios are now capable of getting digital transmission. Furthermore, some clock radios out in the market come with CD decks. One can easily program the clock radio to play a particular song from the CD which will then be played when the alarm goes off.
  2. Determine your budget. Radio prices differ depending on brand, model and make so it is best to decide on how much you’d be willing to spend on the gift even before heading out to the nearest appliance store. It would be best to do some window shopping on the World Wide Web for the purpose.
  3. Check the locations of stores. Not all appliance stores carry the same brands of radios. To avoid wasting time, you might want to check out the various Web sites of appliance stores nearest your home to check and verify if they actually sell your choice radio brand, model and make.

Getting your loved one a radio as a gift will definitely be appreciated. Radios are obviously no longer the hottest gadgets around but they're still pretty handy and everyone still uses them for news and audio entertainment.


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