How To Buy an AV Receiver

An AV receiver is capable of amplifying sound coming from a variety of audio sources. It is also capable of directing quality video signals to a television screen. This is why an AV receiver is considered one of the more important components that make up a home theater system.

When in the market for an AV receiver, the first thing would be to consider what type of unit will be adequate to make up a really good home theater system. Since all cable and satellite TV signals are now broadcast in the digital format then there really is not much point in getting an AV receiver for the purpose of getting high quality video. In most cases, AV receivers are acquired for the quality of sound they output. Movie nuts who really want to replicate the theater surround sound buy a receiver that is capable of decoding digital audio signals such as the Dolby Digital Sound.

The next thing to consider would be to look for a receiver that will be capable of supporting other components you want to include in your home theater system. Those who want to set up really elaborate speaker systems would need an AV receiver with numerous ports. Furthermore, an AV receiver that would not be obsolete in the next couple of years would be a good buy. Make sure that you get one that has several useful features and better connection options. It would also be important to note that an AV receiver should be able to support the newly-released technologies.

The next thing to consider should be the after sales support. It is a well known fact that most electronic devices are now made to be disposable. So it would be reassuring to know that a reliable customer support would be available to you. Technical assistance should be provided 24/7 by knowledgeable yet friendly staff. And this should extend even when your AV receiver’s warranty has elapsed.

And the final, most important yet often ignored, aspect is the convenience of buying. Shopping online can be done with ease. However, product testing is not provided. So if ever you get to receive a damaged unit, then you would have to wait for weeks for its replacement. In this case, it might be good to do some window shopping on the Web first. Not only will you get to see the variety of models and brands for sale, but you get to check out the differences in prices as well. Make sure that when you set your mind to a particular model and brand, that it is actually available for sale in an electronics store or an appliance shop near your place.


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