How To Do Home Video Taping

Thanks to Web sites such as YouTube, home video taping has become widely popular. Gone are the days when one has to sulk over unfulfilled dreams of becoming a filmmaker. With just a camcorder, handy digital camera, or even that video capturing function of a mobile phone, one can become a filmmaker in his own right.

While home video taping seems easy enough, there are actually some trusted and tested practices that can make your new found hobby an even more rewarding experience.

Firstly, it never hurts to have that aesthetic sense. While this can never be learned, some basic knowledge in composition will come in handy. Reading up on related tutorials will greatly assist you in your video taping endeavors.

The second consideration is to have a story. Any home video worth watching unfolds a story that will get the audience hooked.

Having the necessary technical skills is also important. Owning the most basic user-friendly camcorder should not hinder you from exploring and mastering your device's settings, controls and buttons. You would not want to end up losing very important material just because you are not sure how to turn on the night vision mode while recording.

During video taping, it is important to keep both eyes open. This is so you have a good overall view of what's happening around you so that you can respond quickly when necessary. This is crucial if you want to avoid important moments which would have made your home video exceptional from escaping your notice.

One very common mistake of amateur home video producers is the excessive use of special effects. Bear in mind that these can be added on later in the post production phase. Recording a pool party in black and white cannot be reverted to color if you change your mind after the footage has already been shot.

The next notable mistake of most home video producers is their reluctance to use tripods. This can be easily noticed in those trembling home videos. Amateur videos should not mean disorderly-looking footages. While specific instances call for the hand-held camera effect, it does not always work and will usually put off the viewer. Do away with this problem by getting yourself a sturdy tripod. 

Lastly, discretion should always be observed. The World Wide Web is already packed with all these video scandals. Always ask for the respective party's consent whenever video taping.

Following these simple tips should prep you in your video taping undertakings. Do not forget to share those creations you're particularly proud of. Those ratings and votes on your footage is reward enough to further boost you into making quality home videos.


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