How To Find Types and Models of Signal Generators

A signal generator is a device that is used for testing different types of electronics. These signal generators have different types and models. The different types of signal generators have different purposes. Each type has a specific function. There is no single signal generator that can be used for every purpose. That is why it is essential for you to know the different types and their uses to be able to avoid buying a signal generator that you won’t be able to use. This will save you a lot of money, as signal generators don’t come cheap.

Here are some of the types and models of signal generators that are available in the market:

  1. RF Signal Generator Model GRG-450 – The features of this type of signal generator include a frequency monitor output that is especially used for an external frequency counter, output to 450 MHz on harmonics, AM modulation and 100 KHz up to 150 MHz on six bands. This signal generator retails for $207.00. Another brand that is known for producing durable signal generators is Agilent.
  2. Waveform Generator/Function Generator Model 5201 – This generator is a high performance generator. It has combined features of excellent functions for a signal generator. This model of signal generator comes with software that allows the user to download waveforms to a computer. It also has a 14 bit vertical resolution, multiple synchronization and waveform sequences that use up to 4096 segments.
  3. R&S DVSG Digital Video Signal Generator – This digital video signal generator can be used with various audio and video equipment. It also has an extensive signal library that allows the user to view a simulation of the real operating conditions in a given situation. This signal generator can also support different video formats up to 1080p.
  4. Pulse Generator B & K Precision Model 4030 – This signal generator is a device that puts together the functions of 4 different signal generators into one. This is ideal for people who use different signal generators for different purposes. The pulse signals given off by this signal generator reach up to 10 MHz. This signal generator works with a pulse generator chip. This pulse generator retails for $375.00.
  5. High Frequency Generator Model BD-40E – This model of signal generator is good for testing thin tank linings and coatings. The voltage output of this device ranges between 2,000 to 20,000 MHz.
  6. GenTran 500250 2-Circuit Generator Transfer Switch – This is a device used with signal generators. This transfer switch is good for generators that have 12,500 watts at most. For these accessories, it is best to follow the schematics in the manual that the device came with.

These are some of the signal generator types and models. You can also choose to buy second hand signal generators for a cheaper price. If you have plenty of uses for a signal generator, it is also good to invest in one even if it is expensive.


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