Types of Audio Speakers

Buying audio speakers can be a difficult choice, especially if you are not familiar with the different types available in stores. You have to be specific of what kind of speakers you need to use to know what you will have to buy. Another note is that each speaker will have different drivers, having woofers, tweeters and midrange drivers, which will be elaborated throughout the article. Here are some speakers that you may commonly find in stores.

  1. Surround speakers - Also known as floor speakers, these are the speakers big enough to stand on their own, and are usually a mix of large and small drivers. Woofers are the largest that produce the lowest frequency of sound, while tweeters produce higher frequencies. If you have enough space in your house or apartment for floor speakers to serve your purpose, get these. On the plus side, they can even serve as stands for decorative purposes.
  2. Bookshelf speakers - These types of speakers are the ones that can be put on bookshelves to give that home movie experience, or to just play your music really loud. Also, as the name implies, they can be stacked together to look like a bookshelf. There are different ways of arranging these speakers and more often than not, the manual that comes with them will have suggestions on how you can arrange them.
  3. Wall speakers - To give that all-out experience to your movie or your music, wall speakers can be attached to any part of your house to have that feeling that you are part of that movie, or feeling every beat of that music. You can even have these installed on your porch so you can extend the music to your backyard, or even to just your porch. However, this requires that you have to break open a little part of your wall to install the wires all over the room. Consult with a technician or your architect on how to go about these procedures.
  4. Outdoor speakers - These are designed to focus the sound to be heard properly despite the wide open space. These are the types of speakers you see in outdoor concerts or in ball games. If you are having an event, or your company will be having a large-scale event, you can either invest in buying your own outdoor speakers, or you can see about renting them from some shop. These are weather proof and can withstand outdoor elements much more than your regular indoor speakers.
  5. Wireless speakers - If in-wall attachments are not an option for you, then these wireless speakers can serve your purpose of having your speakers around the house. They require different power requirements, depending on what you want out of your speakers, like having more low or high tones. Check if they are woofers or tweeters. Of course there are different configurations for these, so make sure to read reviews before buying them.

You can also check online forums for reviews on each type of speaker before you decide to buy one in the store or on eBay. You should also check speakers on sale in department stores to get the best buy. Speakers are good investments if you get to buy the right one that will suit your needs. If any of the speakers hold your interest, make sure to read more about them before deciding to buy.


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