How To Know the Best Wood for a Subwoofer Box

Subwoofers are always present for car owners who want the best car stereo system. Subwoofers aid in producing lower frequency sounds and the thumping bass that are part of every song you play on your stereo. You would have to install the subwoofer properly in your car though to prevent it from being damaged, and you need to choose the correct material for the subwoofer box so you still get good quality sound. There are pre-made subwoofer boxes available out in the market. Instead of purchasing a subwoofer box at such an expensive price though, why not make your own? You can even customize its design to suit your taste and express your personality. A question that comes to mind though would be what material would be perfect to house your subwoofers?

What you are supposed to use is a material that will not cause the sound to reverberate and produce unpleasant and distorted sound. Lots of car owners would agree on this one, but hardwood is a big NO. Instead, the material being used is typically plywood. You have to choose the best quality of plywood of course. Birch, Oak or Marine Grade plywood are the top choices when plywood picking, and can be used to make a high-grade subwoofer box. Another popular choice would be Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF. This is a composite wood product which is made from wood waste fibers glued together. It is made very finely and smoothly, so there is less possibility of "tear out" and will give you smooth edges when sawed. Plywood and MDF are less dense compared to real hardwood so it allows your subwoofer box to weather changes in temperature, and it will not expand and contract as much as a hardwood, thus, giving you good, quality sound.

Once you are done choosing the material for your subwoofer box, whether plywood or MDF, bear in mind that you have to get the material in 3/4 inch to 1 inch thickness. If you go too thin, you risk cracking your subwoofer box, and anything thicker will not allow your subwoofer box to perform at its best. Make sure that you meticulously measure your subwoofer so you don't waste any of your material, your time and your money of course. You will not need that many nails when making your subwoofer box. All you need is a good quality carpenter's glue to join the ends of your subwoofer box.

Hopefully this article gives you some insight to prepare you in making your own subwoofer box. Good luck with the woodwork, just make sure that you get the best material to protect your investment.


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