How To Buy Vehicle Tracking Devices in the UK

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What is vehicle tracking, and how is it done? Vehicle tracking is the method of finding out the detailed activity history of transportation (this is called passive tracking) or the monitoring of the location of the transportation at that actual time (this is called real time tracking). A hardware or tracking device needs to be attached to the vehicle in question. Monitoring is done with the aid of software, which employs GPS (or Global Positioning System) along with computer programming.

Vehicle tracking technology is usually employed in different businesses (such as mail delivery services), or even by private individuals who just like to feel secure with the knowledge that they can locate their vehicle in case it gets stolen. If you are looking to find vehicle tracking solutions in the UK, here are some places where you can start your search:

  1. - This website offers different brands of personal car tracking devices that you can easily install. The brands available include Zoombak, Snooper and DriveSync. The hardware they offer are small, lightweight and easy to operate; instructions come along with the device. Information supplied typically includes real time monitoring of transportation activity and a detailed history of journeys made within a specific time period, among others. The brand Vehicle Tracking is specifically designed for use in Great Britain and Ireland, as it has software with street information in these areas; this enables users to see the vehicle's real time street level activities, within 15 meters of its actual location. Since the devices offered at this website are personal-sized and relatively easy to operate (by downloading the accompanying software and accessing real time information through the Internet), these handy devices are perfect for your personal vehicle tracking needs. There are also other available tracking gadgets such as child tracking devices, pet tracking devices, and other similar devices. Some of these have built-in batteries and act as a stand-alone unit.
  2. - This is a website that specializes in monitoring and other spy activities. Asset GPS tracking devices available include the GPS Maptracker which sends you information on your vehicle locations through cellphone or PDA, along with a full color map. Prices range from £322 to around £630.
  3. - At this website, you will find a variety of portable, battery-powered trackers. Featured units include resilient all-weather trackers, passive tracker units and global asset trackers that can be used anywhere in the world.
  4. Other websites - Other very helpful websites include,, (which also features very small tracking devices, perfect for hidden or covert monitoring) and

Be advised that the use of GPS vehicle trackers is illegal in most areas, even if you use it for your own vehicle. That's why it's highly important that you get legal advice first before purchasing your vehicle tracking device. Once you've got that all cleared, then you can be secure with the knowledge that you will be able to easily find out where your transportation is at any given period. Isn't technology wonderful?


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