How To Install Whole House Audio Systems

Hi-fi audio system

Having a set of loud stereo speakers can create a good audio system if you have a small house. But what if you own a big two-storey house? Then you probably need better audio systems for that.

Having a whole-house surround sound audio system is not as simple as installing car stereos, portable systems, or simple sound systems for motorcycles. Stereo systems for a big house need a big investment and require complicated equipment, too. In fact, whether you get Pioneer, Sony, or KLH does not matter. What matters is how you will set up every piece of your stereo system so that every corner of your house will enjoy great music.

You have a lot of options to successfully install a whole-house surround sound audio system.

  1. Install secondary speakers to other rooms. With this option, you just need to buy extra speakers that will be connected to the music source. This option is so simple to setup because you just need to run cables and wires to the speakers. This is also cheap because you don’t need to buy another set of speakers. However, you may be limited because it might not be a real “whole-house surround audio system.” This is only advisable if you are planning to share music to one room only.
  2. Use a speaker selector. To put it simply, this option is like the extension of the first option. The only difference is that you can share the same music to as much as six rooms. This is also cheap because it won’t require you installing more amplifier equipment. It shares music to more rooms, too. But, this option only has one source of music and you can’t enjoy the full power of the speakers. Installation of speaker selector can be complicated also.
  3. Set up a Multi-Zone receiver. With this option, you are allowed to hear a different music in speaker A and in speaker B. Aside from that, you can also remotely control the speaker B. However, this option is limited to two rooms only and it might require more equipment if you want more power for the speakers.
  4. Get a multi-source preamplifier with distribution amplifier. Although expensive, this choice can give you total control of all the music outputs. This means you can control which of the speakers to turn on and what music to play. It doesn’t compromise the sound quality and power supply, either, because each speaker is independently supplied with electricity. Just make sure you are ready for this option’s high cost and maintenance requirements.
  5. Go digital. You can use your personal computer to spread music to the entire house. You might not be required to connect many wires because the speakers can be WiFi connected. This is cheap also, unless you want more equipment for better entertainment. However, you can’t use other stereo equipment like Pioneer or Sony with this option.

After deciding which whole-house stereo system to use, you may consider hiring a professional to install the needed things for you. Sometimes, manufacturers of audio systems provide someone to install their products to your house. But of course, this comes with an added price.


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