How To Join the La Leche League

Who is the La Leche League?

The La Leche League is a mother-to-mother support network for moms who want to breastfeed.  Meetings are held all around the world and are led by a Leader who has had extensive breastfeeding training and has herself breastfed a child.

Why become a La Leche League Member?

It is not necessary to join the La Leche League to attend meetings or to get breastfeeding support.  However, the membership fee gets you several benefits, including:

  1. A bi-monthly breastfeeding magazine called "New Beginnings", full of breastfeeding information, advice, book reviews, and inspiring stories.

  • A discount on registration fees when you attend La Leche League special events, such as conferences.
  • A 10% discount on all books that La Leche publishes (when purchased through your local group or the La Leche website).
  • A free catalog listing all the items published by La Leche and other sources for supporting parents with breastfeeding, pregnancy, nutrition, discipline and other aspects of parenting.
  • Access to the group's lending library (although some groups also allow access to non-members).
  • The membership fee (currently $40/year) is used mostly to cover the cost of the magazine, with a portion of the fee also going to support your local and regional La Leche groups.

    How do I join?

    1. Check the La Leche website for a local meeting.

  • Contact the Leader to confirm the next meeting date and location.
  • Go to a meeting.  Your baby and other children are welcome, of course!  Moms-to-be are also welcome.  Many groups are open to dads/partners as well.
  • At the meeting, fill out the membership form and give your check to the group Treasurer.  You could probably also just contact the Leader and have a membership form mailed to you, but I imagine you'll probably want to attend at least one meeting before you decide to join.
  • What if there's no local meeting?

    Although La Leche League is now active in 65 countries and territories around the world, you may discover that there aren't any meetings near you.  In that case, attend "virtually" by joining an online La Leche meeting or chat group.  Or, you may want to start your own breastfeeding support group and subscribe to La Leche's "Breastfeeding Resource Center", which gets you a membership, some breastfeeding books and pamphlets, and a discount on most of the items in the La Leche catalog, among other things.   Better yet, consider becoming a La Leche Leader yourself!

    Even if there is no group close enough for you to attend meetings, consider becoming a member of whichever group is closest to you.  That way, their group will receive a portion of your membership fee, which will help moms and babies in your area. 

    Disclaimer: This "how to" page has no affiliation with La Leche League, International.                  


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