How To Change a Diaper

Babies are cute and cuddly and they smell wonderful ... well, okay, they don't always smell that great! If your little darling needs a fresh diaper, not to worry. It's a simple job and in just a few minutes you'll have that sweet smelling baby back again:

  1. Choose a safe place to change the baby. If you do not have access to a changing table, the floor will do. If you are in a public washroom and they do not offer a baby changing station, you may have to use the floor or bathroom counter. If you do, be sure to place a changing pad under your baby!

  • Gather the items you'll need: diaper, baby wipes, powder or ointment (optional) and have them within reach. You do not want to leave the baby unattended on an elevated changing table, so be sure that you have all supplies close at hand.
  • Lay the baby on her back with her legs facing you and remove her clothing from the waist down.
  • Unfasten the tapes to the soiled diaper, grasp the baby's feet with one hand, gently lift her legs and remove the soiled diaper with your free hand and set it aside, out of the baby's reach.
  • Use the baby wipes to gently but thoroughly clean the baby's diaper area.
  • Place a clean diaper under the baby and if desired, apply powder or diaper ointment.
  • Draw the sides of the diaper around the baby and fasten the tapes.
  • Be sure to discard the soiled diaper in the trash and thoroughly wash your hands. Now she smells sweet again -- ah, that's better!


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