How To Write Baby Shower Thank You Cards

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You had a wonderful baby shower and received many thoughtful gifts. Be sure to show your appreciation by sending thank you cards to your guests as soon as possible. Very soon you will be much busier, so if possible, try to get those thank you notes completed before your baby's birth.

Looking at that stack of blank cards, you may feel a little overwhelmed at the idea of getting them done. Add to that the exhaustion that you've been feeling from getting so little sleep either because since the little bundle of joy arrived. However, thank-you's are not nearly as daunting as you might think if you keep in mind a few basic ideas.

  1. Take the time to send hand written thank you notes. Your guests went to lot of time and expense to choose a gift and attend your shower. A computer generated bulk thank you just won't cut it - personalized cards are important.
  2. Mention the specific gift in each note. Simply saying, "Thank you for your generous gift" feels too impersonal. It is much better to say, "We truly loved the snowsuit -- little Daniel will stay warm and snuggly all winter long!"
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  4. Be sure to use the recipient's name in your greeting. Instead of just beginning with the thank you, start with something like, "Dear Aunt Maggie." Also remember to sign each card, "With love, Jim, Julie and Daniel."
  5. Be sincere. Being phony is too easy to spot, so find something nice (but truthful) to say about every gift that you received. If your Great Aunt Martha hand knitted the most horrible blanket you've ever seen, you can still thank her in a sincere way. Thank her for taking the time to make a hand crafted item for your baby; even if you don't care for the gift itself, her effort deserves your appreciation.
  6. If you received a gift that had special meaning, be sure to share the story with the giver. It will make their day to know that they chose the very same book that you loved as a child or an outfit that reminds you of one you saw on your spouse in an old baby picture. In instances like these, some mothers-to-be even write thank you poems.
  7. Be sure to thank each attendant for not only their gift, but also for their presence at your shower. Let them know what a pleasure it was for you to spend time with them.
  8. Take the time to mention the gratitude you feel to the people who hosted your baby shower. Planning a party is a lot of work -- be sure they know how much it meant to you!
  9. Finally, if your baby has already been born by the time you mail your thank you cards, include a photo of your little one in each card. If your baby hasn't been born yet, keep your addresses organized so that your friends and family will be easy to find when you send out baby announcements!

Before you know it, you'll be all done sending thank you notes - and your loved ones will appreciate your good manners. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and enjoy your little bundle of joy!


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