Making Unique Baby Shower Favors: Ideas for Baby Showers

Create Homemade Baby Shower Favors with These Original Ideas

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You are hosting a baby shower for a friend or family member -- how nice of you! You've already chosen the location, the menu and have addressed all of the invitations. In fact, you have found most of your ideas for baby showers, so there are only a few more details to take care of before the big day, one of which is to decide on what type of favors you will have. Making unique baby shower favors will set your friend or family member's party apart from all others with its originality.

Party decor helps to set the mood for the event, and the favors are an important part of that decor. Learning how to make attractive party favors are part of the fun as you know guests will be taking their favors home and each time that they look at them, they will be reminded of the shower.

Here are some tips to help you create memorable baby shower favors:

  1. If you know the gender of the baby, you can make the favors in traditional pink or blue. If the gender is unknown, white, soft yellow or light green work well for a baby shower favor.
  2. You'll want to keep the favors to a reasonable size. They will be placed on the tables at each place setting, so be sure they are not so large as to make the tables unattractive or difficult to fit plates, cups and the dreaded party games on.
  3. If price is a concern (and isn't it always?!), shop at stores that specialize in close-outs for some of your supplies.
  4. Useful favors are always appreciated. Consider bundling attractive soaps or hand lotions with festive ribbon.
  5. Small, hand painted picture frames make wonderful favors. They can serve as place markers, too. Simply insert a card with each guest's name printed nicely on it into the frame where the photo will go. Place the frames at each table to let guests know where they will be sitting.
  6. Baby shower favor ideas can also include foods. Sweet treats, from homemade cookies to specialty candies make delicious favors. Party supply stores sell a nice variety of treat bags for just this purpose. Don't be surprised if your tasty favors are gobbled up during the shower, however!
  7. Consider having guests make their own take-home party favors. Provide small wooden boxes, paints and paintbrushes at each table and encourage guests to unleash their creative side. This makes a heartfelt baby shower party favor as many will make something related to the baby and give to the mother-to-be.
  8. Small votive candles in glass holders are a simple yet attractive favor and is one of the more popular baby shower ideas. Cut pastel colored fabric netting into squares (12"x12" will work just fine), gather the netting up around the candle and tie with fabric ribbon. For a special touch, attach a request to each candle that the guest light their candle when they learn of the child's birth and say a prayer for the new baby.

Homemade baby shower favors show your friend or family member that you care enough to create something very special. Baby shower ideas are numerous, but when you tailor it to the mother herself, you've made the shower a success.


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