How To Create Baby Shower Centerpieces

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If you are hosting a baby shower, then you'll want to throw the best party possible. You probably also want a nice centerpiece for the table. Whether you are serving an entire meal or just cake and beverages, the mother-to-be and invited guests will surely appreciate your efforts to make a special baby shower centerpiece.

  1. Determine the theme for your shower. You will want your centerpiece to fit your theme or at least to incorporate elements from it.
  2. Your baby shower centerpiece can be purely decorative or functional. Decide whether you want it to be ornamental, part of the food or a gift for the new arrival.
  3. If you want a decorative centerpiece, start with flowers. You can find flowers to match any color scheme and they are always beautiful. If the mother-to-be has a favorite flower, you may want to incorporate it into the bouquet.
  4. You can incorporate a theme into your floral arrangement in many ways. You may want the container for your bouquet to reflect your theme; for example, if you are throwing a "Winnie the Pooh" baby shower, use a Pooh Bear shaped vase, tin or other decorative container to hold your centerpiece. You may also want to incorporate the theme into the arrangement itself; look for floral picks with baby booties, diaper pins, cute animals and other baby shower themed items that you can tuck in amongst the flowers.
  5. Finish your arrangement with decorative ribbon.
  6. If you prefer an edible centerpiece, consider a tower of cupcakes or pastries. Decorate each of them with icing or plastic cake toppers that match your shower theme.
  7. Want to make a centerpiece that can also be a gift for the mom-to-be? Fill a gift basket with practical baby gifts, clothing and toys, then wrap it in clear or patterned cellophane. Finish it with a beautiful bow.
  8. Another option for a functional centerpiece is a diaper cake. Diapers (either cloth or disposable) are bound together to form a tiered "cake." Then, small baby gifts are used to decorate the cake. Baby socks, small clothing items, toys, pacifiers and grooming items all work well as diaper cake decorations. The cake tiers can also be wrapped with baby blankets or towels.

Choose a centerpiece you are confident making and that fits the interests of the mom-to-be and the style of shower you are hosting. Whatever style of baby shower centerpiece you decide to create, the new parents are sure to be thrilled by the time and effort you put into making their celebration very special.


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