How To Play Baby Shower Bingo

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If you are hosting or attending a baby shower, one of the most popular games is baby shower bingo. It is easy to set up and play and does not require extensive equipment or materials.

  1. If you are setting up the baby shower bingo game as well as playing it, you will need to prepare a few simple things: bingo cards, markers and bingo pieces to draw randomly.
  2. You can make your own baby shower bingo game cards by preparing a five by five grid of squares, each with a baby related word or picture on it. For example, you can list baby gear (such as bottle, diaper, pacifier, blanket, crib), you can use popular baby names, or names of all the new baby's family members. Each card should have a different layout of items, and you should have at least as many cards as people. Often, the center square of each bingo card is "free" and does not have to be filled in to get a bingo.
  3. You do not have to make your own bingo cards; you can purchase sets for playing baby shower bingo online or at most party stores. In addition, several web sites offer free printable baby shower bingo cards you can print on your own computer. If you want them to be sturdy enough for several games, print them onto cardstock or glue them onto squares of poster board.
  4. Then, you need pieces of cardstock with pictures that correspond to each of the icons you used for the cards. Place these in a bowl or bag; you will draw them out randomly.
  5. For playing markers, you can use any small object you have in abundance, such as pennies, dried beans, miniature marshmallows or colored squares of paper.
  6. When you are ready to play the game, one person, the announcer, draws the pieces from the bag or bowl one at a time and announces them to the players. The announcer should set the pieces that have been called aside so they are not duplicated; this is also useful if you want to verify a winner's card.
  7. Each player gets a card and a set of markers. As the announcer calls out the icons, each player should put a marker on the corresponding grid square on the card.
  8. When a player gets five markers in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally), the player yells " Bingo". The first player to get a Baby Shower Bingo is the winner.
  9. You may choose to play until subsequent people achieve Bingo or start the game over.


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