How To Subscribe to Pregnancy Weekly

What is Pregnancy Weekly?

Pregnancy Weekly is a free website and online community filled with information for new parents and parents-to-be.  You'll find information about getting pregnant, what happens throughout your pregnancy, and answers to common questions after baby arrives. 

What's available at Pregnancy Weekly?

  1. Information.  Follow your child's development from conception through toddlerhood using this website.  Web sections include links to current news articles relating to pregnancy and birth; a section on health and fitness considerations while pregnant; and a link to information on product recalls.

  • Personalized Emails.  The main feature of this site is the personalized weekly emails you will receive, which are full of information about how your baby is growing and how your body is changing throughout pregnancy as well as information about what to expect at your next OB visit.
  • Message boards.  Pregnancy Weekly also has an online community, which is organized into "birth clubs", one for each month and year that babies are due or born.  Here, you can discuss topics with other moms and moms-to-be that are unique to your stage of pregnancy or your child's age.
  • Personal Pregnancy JournalAn interesting feature of this site is "My Journal", which is a place to write about what you're feeling and experiencing throughout the pregnancy.  The journal is set-up like a calendar; simply click on the day and start typing.  Each entry features drop-down menus to select a description of your current mood and the pregnancy milestones you've reached.
  • Free automatic entry into drawings for free prizes.  When you subscribe to Pregnancy Weekly, you will be automatically entered into monthly drawings for gift certificates to places like The Right Start, Pottery Barn Kids, and Target.

  • Will I get "spam"?  Will my address be sold to advertisers?

    You will only receive emails from Pregnancy Weekly for which you sign-up, such as the weekly emails that tell you about your baby's development before birth.  At the end of each email is a link to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive them.  Contact information is used only for distributing gifts or prizes that are won.

    How do I subscribe?

    1. Go to the website.
    2. Fill out an online form that asks for your first name, email address, zip code, and due date.
    3. Note that the other information requested (your partner's first name and email address, along with some other questions) are optional.
    4. Check your email in-box for a welcome email!

    Disclaimer: This "how to" page has no affiliation with Pregnancy Weekly.


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