How To Pick a Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers are just fun! What could be more joyful than a party to celebrate a new arrival? However, there are many things to do when you are the one planning the shower. The first thing on your list is usually picking a baby shower theme.

  1. Think about who will be coming to the shower. Will it be women only or will there be couples and families? If you are holding a co-ed baby shower, you could choose a theme that is a little less frilly and cute than you might consider for a female-only event. Since your theme can affect the food, games and decorations, you want it to be appealing to all of your guests.
  2. Another factor in selecting a theme is the shower's location. Is the celebration being held in your home, at the office or in a park? For example, if you are throwing the party at the beach or in a park, you may want to incorporate elements from those locations into your theme.
  3. It is critical that you consider the interests and preferences of the mother-to-be. You should choose a theme that will please her; consider picking a theme that will highlight her hobbies or just incorporate things that she likes, such as a favorite color or flower. Is she a big sports fan? You can work elements from her favorite game into your party plans.
  4. One way to find a baby shower theme the parents are sure to like is to utilize the nursery theme. Since they have chosen it for their baby's room, you can rest assured they will like it and it will make many of the gifts look cohesive with your party decorations. For example, if the nursery is being decorated in a Winnie the Pooh motif, you can easily find party decorations, accessories and tableware that also use Pooh Bear.
  5. Consider the baby or babies. Is the new arrival going to be a firstborn or a fourth? Have Mom and Dad announced the gender? Are multiples expected? All of these pieces of information can help you pick the theme for your shower. For example, if a firstborn girl is expected and Mom loves frilly, feminine patterns, you cannot go wrong with a lacy pink design for all your decorations. If it is a shower for twins, consider a Noah's Ark theme with pairs of animals. Has the baby already been born? You may want to get decorations and favors printed with the baby's newborn pictures!
  6. Whatever you choose, make sure to have fun with the planning -- your enjoyment will be evident in the finished product. A happy theme will set the stage for an event that is sure to be memorable and a perfect welcome to the new little one!


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