How To Ask a Girl Out

One of the toughest things a man can do is attempt to get a date. Many men struggle with this from the moment they enter puberty up until they are married.

If you are a man that has been in the dating arena unsuccessfully for a while, then you may be thinking women are not interested in you because of your social status, insecurities, or looks. The truth is that it does not always matter what you have. It matters who you are and how you portray yourself.

Any man can pick up nearly any girl he wants. All you need to do is believe in yourself and use the right techniques. It's really an art, but deep down you're actually an artist, whether you realize it or not. To unlock your full potential with an extensive guide, I recommend The Art of Approaching Women.

Now let's get started with these simple steps on how to meet, attract, and ask a woman out:

  1. Always leave home well-groomed. While, you do not have to be the best-looking man on the block, it does help if you look like you care about your appearance.

    Wear nice, clean clothes and cologne when you go out. Remember that while you are single right now, first impressions mean everything. Dress to impress her, whoever she may be.

    If you have been wearing the same pants since 1982, buy some new ones! You want to show her that you are ready for any situation the moment it arises, even if it is just asking her out.

    You might be asking yourself if you are just running to the grocery store why you need to wear your best clothes. The answer is simple. You never know when you are going to meet a girl you might be interested in dating.

    If you find her in the ten items or less line, and you are holding a 12-pack of beer, some corn nuts, and you have on your patented "plumber" sweatpants, how interested do you think she is going to be?

    These tips make obvious sense to women, but men sometimes have to look at things from a different perspective in order to arrive at dating success. Talk to a female friend. Or better yet, here's a goldmine of dating advice from a woman's perspective, complete with all the juicy secrets that women would probably rather you DON'T know: Pickup, Dating and Seduction Guide.

  2. Think about what you are going to say before you say it. No matter what female you approach, you will find there will be one universal truth about them all. All women like to be complimented.

    Flattery will get you much further than cynical and rude behavior. You might think girls like bad boys and this may be true. However, if a girl likes a bad boy, that bad boy is still nice to her.

    Have a general idea of what you want to say. If you know the girl well, comment on something you know she likes to do or likes about herself and go from there.

    If you do not know the girl and you want to get to know her, try making a joke or asking her for help Boy asking a girl on a datewhen you are making a decision. For instance, if you are in a grocery store, ask for help in picking out a certain brand or a type of produce. Women love to rescue that adorably helpless man in an everyday situation.

    Use things like this to your advantage. No matter what, remember that what you say initially will help to make or break your chances.

  3. Never be afraid to ask for what you want. If you want to ask a girl out but you do not feel you know her well enough, test the waters and ask for her phone number.
  4. If she likes your approach, she will give you hers or ask for yours. If she gives you her number, call her. You can almost guarantee if this happens that it will be possible to get a date with her. However, use the phone number to your advantage at least once.

    When you call to ask her out be polite and funny. Be charming! Try to have an idea of what you want to say when she picks up the phone. Being prepared will help make the presentation better and her decision to go on a date with you much easier.

  5. Have a Plan of Action. If you know the girl, it is best to plan the first date around her interests.

    If she is a chef, you might offer to take her out for a gourmet meal that she does not have to cook! If she likes the outdoors, you might suggest a picnic on the beach. Whatever you plan does not really matter as long as you have her interests in mind.

    You might want to test the waters by asking her what her dream date would be like. If you can make her dream date happen, consider asking her if she would like to go on that date with you!

    Of course, you could always surprise her with the date of a lifetime. By doing so, you are sure to give her one date she will never forget.

  6. Only make promises you can keep. The most important thing is that you fulfill any promises you make. Be yourself and have a good time with her.

    Women like men who are comfortable with themselves. Just be honest and up-front and you will see how easy asking her out can be. In fact, if you continue this trend, you may even get more than one date out of the deal.

Asking women out is a breeze when following these tips. In fact, women are usually just as nervous in these moments as men are. Go easy, be honest, and have fun and she is sure to return the favor tenfold!
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