How To Choose a Childbirth Method

A big part of pregnancy is childbirth. As you take your childbirth class and read up on childbirth, you will start to wonder what kind of childbirth you want to have. The following questions will help you answer that. 

  1. Who are you? Are you natural minded, and hate taking even a Tylenol for a headache, or do take you a Tylenol for just about everything? If you have difficulty trying natural remedies for aches and pains, you may not be the best candidate for natural childbirth-though there are exceptions.
  2. What are you eating and drinking? Do you think carefully of the effects of fast food on your health and your baby's before indulging or do you have fast food every other day? Have you cut caffeine from your diet? Do you eat organic foods? If you are concerned about the chemicals in everyday food, you may be similarly concerned about the chemicals and side-effects of interventions common in a hospital births.
  3. Do you have a high-risk pregnancy and birth? If so, you may have to make concessions for you and your baby's health. Talk to your care provider about what you want for your birth and the best way to get it. 
  4. What are your thoughts about hospitals? Do you hate them? Do you have a fear of hospitals? Or do you think a hospital is the safest place for you to give birth if something goes wrong? If you're scared of hospitals and have a low risk pregnancy and birth, you may consider having a home birth.
  5. Who do you want attending your birth? Do you want an OB/GYN or do you want a midwife? Do you want a man or a woman attending your birth, or do you not care as long as they are qualified? All midwives are women and tend to be more natural than an OB/GYN, though a hospital midwife will never talk you out of pain medicine or an intervention if you want it. An OB/GYN is great for problems or caesarean births though.
  6. Do you want a caesarean? Some women do want a caesarean rather than a vaginal birth. If you choose this option, make sure you are FULLY aware of what you are getting into. A caesarean birth is major surgery full of potential risks and side effects. However, there are some reasons when a caesarean birth is called for. 


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