How To Create a Baby Shower Registry

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A baby shower registry is a convenient way to advise guests of those items you'll need after your baby is born. It's actually quite simple to create a baby registry and, in fact, in most cases the whole process can be completed in the privacy of your own home.

  1. Choose a Store. Do you have a particular store in mind? Your best bet is to choose a well-known chain, with locations in most areas. This is especially important for those guests who can't, or don't like to shop online. Stores only selling baby items are best, but department stores with large baby sections will also do just fine. If you have a hard time choosing just one location, it's perfectly acceptable to register at more than one store.
  2. Visit the store's website. Stores offering baby registries feature the registry application form on their websites. To register for baby items, log on and fill out all of the required information. The required information will include your name, address, phone number and email address. Once your application is complete, you'll be asked to browse the store's online catalog, checking off all of the ideas you'd like for your baby shower registry.
  3. Visit with a representative. If you're registering in person, you'll need to visit with a salesperson or registry representative. The salesperson will either give you a form to fill out, or you can enter your information directly onto the computer. Once that's taken care of, you'll be given a checklist, and you'll be asked to walk the aisles of the store, checking off those items you'd like for baby gifts. When you're done, the salesperson will enter the information onto her computer.
  4. Spread the word. It's not considered proper etiquette to request gifts via the shower invitation, but it's becoming more commonplace to do so. The person throwing the baby shower can let everyone know where you're registered by either writing it directly onto the invitation or by including a slip of paper with the store's name and address. Guests can log onto the website at their own convenience and select the gifts they'd most like to give. Once a guest selects a gift, it will automatically be deleted from the registry, eliminating duplicates. Thanks to the Internet, your baby shower guests won't even have to leave their homes to select a gift you'll appreciate and it will be shipped directly to their front doors...or yours if they won't be able to attend.
  5. Print out a list. Those guests who will be visiting the store can request a copy of the registry from the salesperson, or view it from a centrally located computer set up for this purpose. They will be able to print out your list and choose the items they'd most like to give. At checkout, they should instruct the cashier to have the items removed from the registry to eliminate duplicates

Registering for baby shower gifts doesn't take much time and ensures you'll receive gifts you truly want. Your guests will also appreciate the convenience and will especially like knowing you love your gift!


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