Preparing for Pregnancy—Tips and Information for Getting Pregnant

Learn Helpful Suggestions for Planning a Healthy Pregnancy

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You've made the decision to become pregnant. Congratulations! Now is the time to start preparing for this remarkable change. This article will provide you with some valuable insight on how to prepare for pregnancy. 

  1. Contact your care provider. Pregnancy is contraindicated with some medical conditions and medications. If you have any sort of medical condition, you need to inform your care provider that you want to get pregnant. They may have tips for you about pregnancy, or cautions. The same is true of medications. If you are taking a medication, you may need a different kind or may need to be weaned off it before getting pregnant. If you're healthy and without any medical condition or medication, you do not need to contact your care provider unless you have been trying to get pregnant for some time and are unsuccessful.
  2. Change your diet. It is very important you change your diet accordingly. You need to cut down on sweets, junk food and fast food. You will need to add whole grains and fruits and vegetables to your diet. In addition, you will need to drink at least 8 glasses of healthy liquid (mostly water) per day.
  3. how to prepare for pregnancyCut your vices. If you drink caffeine it is recommended you decrease your intake or cut it out all together. You will also need to eliminate alcohol, nicotine, marijuana and other recreational drugs from your life. If you are having difficulty cutting alcohol or recreational drugs from your life, now is not the time to get pregnant. Seek help before trying to bring a baby into the world.
  4. Add a prenatal vitamin. When pregnancy planning, review the multivitamins you take regularly. It is best to add a prenatal vitamin containing iron, calcium and folic acid to your diet before you get pregnant. Folic acid is extremely important in decreasing your chances of conceiving a baby with neural tube defects.
  5. Start thinking about care providers. While you do not have to see a midwife or ob/gyn before you get pregnant, now is the time to start thinking about what kind of care provider you want. Talk to your family and friends for recommendations and pregnancy advice.
  6. Change your lifestyle. Start considering how you will decrease your stress level. Consider cutting back on work obligations, or taking up yoga or meditation. It is also important you add exercise to your lifestyle and get plenty of rest.
  7. Update your immunizations. Before getting pregnant, make sure your immunizations are updated. In addition, it is extremely important that immunizations for chicken pox and rubella are given at least three months before you become pregnant.
  8. Get your teeth checked and cleaned. If have cavities, need wisdom teeth pulled or need a root canal, you should get these things done before becoming pregnant.

We hope these pregnancy tips have helped you think through some major decisions. Many blessings to you and your future family!


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