How To Buy Toddler Harnesses

Toddler harnesses are a practical solution for parents who want to let their little ones explore while staying safe at the same time. Toddlers love to roam and check out their surroundings and don't always have the patience for sitting in their stroller or holding mommy's hand. If your little explorer has an adventurous side like most children do, then a toddler harness might be just the perfect accessory for you both.

  1. Toddler harnesses come in a wide variety of styles. Take your toddler with you when you purchase the harness so that they can try it on and make sure it's a good fit. Check straps to make sure they are completely adjustable, and test all of the fasteners to ensure they are strong and sturdy.

  • For toddlers who tend to be escape artists as well, a back-fastening harness will work best. It doesn't take long for toddlers to figure out how velcro works, and the last thing you need is for your child to get out of the harness just when you think he's safe and secure.
  • Straps on a toddler harness should be snug-fitting but not too tight. If they're too loose, your child could struggle free from the harness completely; too tight and you risk injuries from chafing and loss of circulation.
  • A full harness is a better investment than a simple wrist strap. The wrist band harnesses attach to both your wrist and your child's, but they virtually immobilize one of your child's hands, and are easily removed or wiggled out from.
  • Some harnesses come with backpacks or drink holders attached. These can be very handy, as they free up space in a diaper bag or eliminate the need for the bag all together. 
  • Through the use of a harness, many toddlers learn how to stay with their parents and not wander off on their own. Eventually you'll be able to use the harness less often, as your child gets used to the boundaries that they set.
  • Ideal places to use harnesses are busy shopping malls and stores, airports, streets with heavy traffic, or any other place where there are lots of people, cars, or any other danger that a wandering toddler could get into.
  • Even though the expanse that is available for your child to explore is limited with a harness, you still need to keep an eye on them. Straps and leashes can get caught on things, and since children still have their hands free, they can still get into mischief.

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