How To Have Sex During Pregnancy

Is sex during pregnancy safe? What about when your belly and breasts get big? The following tips may help answer some of your sex questions, especially in late pregnancy. However, if you have questions or concerns, take them to your care provider. They have been asked everything, and won't be surprised by your question-no matter what it is. 

  1. Don't worry about hurting the baby during sexual intercourse. As long as your bag of waters is intact, and the man's body weight isn't pressing against your stomach in the missionary position, there is no way semen or even the penis can affect your baby. If your water has broken, do not have sex.
  2. Use a water-based lubricant. In late pregnancy, you may have difficulty with lubrication during sex. Don't get a fancy lubricant; a basic product like KY Jelly is perfect. In a pinch, you can also try mineral to have sex during pregnancy
  3. Missionary position may be out. Missionary-style (man on top of woman) can perhaps pose a threat to the child if the man's weight is pressing against your stomach, but may not be as possible anyway as your belly and breasts become larger.
  4. Experiment with other positions. Try woman on top, spooning, or vaginal rear entry. Some of these positions may be favored if your breasts are sore, or you want shallow penetration.
  5. Do some research. If you're having problems coming up with comfortable sexual positions, there are several women's magazines (such as Cosmopolitan) which may have some ideas. You can also purchase a book or check out websites illustrated with stick people. One excellent resource is 500 Lovemaking Tips & Sex Secrets - you'll find several hot new positions you can try, and tips that will spice up your love life now and after the baby's born!
  6. If you cannot find a comfortable sexual position, experiment with other sexual activities. Now may be the time to try something you've always been curious about. However, oral sex is not recommended for women. If you decide to have oral sex, make sure your partner does not blow air into your vagina. Blowing air can cause an air embolism (a blockage of a blood vessel by an air bubble), which can be potentially fatal for you and your baby.
  7. It's okay to say no. Some women will attempt sex during pregnancy, and find it's too uncomfortable. Between the exhaustion of pregnancy and other stresses, you may just want to go to sleep. If you feel this way, talk it over with your partner. Let them know what you're thinking and feeling.
  8. Keep communicating with your partner. If you feel fat or unattractive, talk to your partner. Many men find the pregnant body very attractive and beautiful.
  9. Do not have unprotected sex with an unknown partner. You should take extra precautions not to be exposed to STDs during pregnancy.


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